Collective animalists offer a reward to find … – Commerce (Ecuador)

So far they have recorded three cases of torture, murder and animal abuse in the sector Chillogallo, in the south of Quito. So he told her the afternoon of Friday 19 may 2017 Maritza Rubianes, activist of the Foundation Animal Rescue.

She indicated that the first attack was reported approximately four months ago. Occurred in the sector of The Giron de Chillogallo. The last report was a week ago. In the three cases, said Rubianes, showed a abuse with a vengeance.

Lorena Bellolio, president of Protection Animal Ecuador (PAE), had requested an autopsy of the corpse of one of the canes affected and it was determined that presented with wounds from bladed weapon, presumably a machete. He also had lacerations on the face.

Faced with this situation, various groups such as PAE, Foundation, Animal Rescue, RIE, among others, raised its voice of protest and offered in the social networks a bounty to collect information about these cruel attacks. «It’s not just an issue of dogs tortured, it is a problem of public health«, said Maritza.

The activist stressed on the need of reforming the Organic Code of Comprehensive Criminal to toughen the penalties for those found guilty of mistreatment and murder to animals. «Before these laws are so weak, we have seen the need of putting a bounty of USD 500 for those who give information that helps capture the perpetrators of the torture,» he says.

In this context, the next may 26 will host the First National Gathering Animalistic, delinearán positions and proposals that will be delivered to the new Assembly.

According to estimates of the Secretariat Metropolitan Health, the Metropolitan District of Quito, around 500 000 dogs and cats (feral and families). The calculation was based on studies of the World Society for the protection of Animals.

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