Colombia: 72 species of birds in danger of extinction – the Second Approach

Colombia – The Red Book of Birds of Colombia, published by the Javeriana University, and the Humboldt Institute, said the state of danger of extinction of these animals in the country.

In the listing, mentioned seabirds, waterfowl, rain forests, island ecosystems, mountain, and dry. The regions with the most threatened species are the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and the Darien gap.

It is to be noted that among the seventy-two species, two are probably extinct, thirty are at risk, nine are facing critical danger and thirty-one present degree of vulnerability. The hunt is over, the settlements, the illegal mining, the transformation of wetlands and the cultivation of illicit crops made by the people, are the main causes of threat to the birds.

The institution won the Award Youth Protective Water in the year 2015.

In a statement published in the book, a call was made to the environmental authorities to launch campaigns to aware the citizens to the conservation of ecosystems. Also advised to the National Parks to create a large national park that protects the set of mountain systems of the country.

Within this order of ideas, in the school of the village of Quiba High, in Bogotá, the students teach them to make fertilizer, to grow and care for the river Tunjuelito. The institution won the Award Youth Protective Water in the year 2015.

Students indicated that they learned how to make fertilizer from organic waste. Also explained that the shells of the fruit are allowed to ferment and to unite them with water, irrigate crops, and prevent mosquitoes from damaging the crop.

The institution from the year 2015 rebuilt its education model and under the care of the environment, were structured around a project that was based, in the beginning, in the creation of a farm where the students learned how to milk cows and care for the animals.

Professor of biology, Andrea Fuentes, said that these activities allow children to have the necessary tools for that in the future they can work in that area. He also said that education prevents the children to get involved in situations that can affect your life like drugs or theft.

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