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A law that was supposed to protect the population in Colombia of dangerous dogs is having terrible consequences: some dogs are being abandoned and even slaughtered in that country.

As reported by the BBC, a chapter of the new Code of Police which entered into force on January 30, requires that dogs wrapped in some type of aggression to people —or that cause the death of other dogs— have to use a muzzle. The standard also requires their owners to buy liability insurance and damage to third parties.

Apparently, this has caused some owners to abandon or sacrifice their dogs.

The president of the Association Club Canino Colombiano, Luis Martín, said that chain news: “I’m going to Bogota three times a week, passing through three villages, and this week in just one day I got to see four pit bulls roaming the streets, vi a pitbull hanging from the branch of a tree”.

Perro cloneado de Argentina

Perro cloneado de Argentina

For his part, Jonathan Barreto, of the Foundation Footprints, Dogs in the Service of the Community, which is dedicated to rescuing abandoned dogs and vulnerable, said that since the end of January, some dogs have been burned, drowned, or left tied to the posts.


Likewise indicated that the calls, emails and messages by WhatsApp to his founding of people that find abandoned animals, or want to submit yours because it can not have more have more than doubled. If before you were receiving between 30 and 50, will now receive up to 100 every day, said. Of these, he added, more than half are in relationship to dogs “potentially dangerous”, almost all of the breed pitbull.


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The Kennel Club Colombian warns that the situation may worsen, so they sent a letter to the relevant authorities to avoid to grow the animal cruelty. “There will be more dogs killed, and more dogs in the streets”, expresses that entity.


The Code provides penalties for certain breeds ranging from the equivalent of $75 for carrying canes of a potentially dangerous without a muzzle up to $275 for not having the insurance policy stipulated by the law.

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