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The mayor, Rodolfo Suárez stated that “we will have to wait 20 days for the fish back”. In addition he said that “the sculptures will be surrounded by water,” to prevent vandalism.

Starts the filling of the lake in Central Park and announce more ... - JornadaOnline 1


The Central Park is one of the main attractions in our City and the lake represents a beautiful view for those who sit down to enjoy the grass. After several days, the Municipality announced that the cleanup work has been completed, and within a short, 20 days, precisely, will look better than before.

In this regard, the mayor of the Capital, Rodolfo Suárez stressed: “In a timely manner, the company worked very well, removed 250 truckloads of siltation, took a job with a font preview so that water does not enter directly as I did before, but you’ll have a filter and this will be much more to the lake”.

“We will have to wait the 20 days for the fish back. Are 700 tents approximately they will immediately to the Central Park. With regard to the ducks, was not a natural environment for them to be, many times they would disappear and we agree with the humane Society in that it was not a place to be, so that in his time were carried to a place much more friendly to them”, he noted.

In addition to this work, the chief community said that “there will be movement of light, in addition to sculptures, will be surrounded by water so that it does not go back to being vandalized because we had to retrieve them, from now the public will not have access to the sculptures”.

On the other hand, Suárez commented that “we are completely renovating the Municipal Museum of Modern Art, but in Central Park we will make a branch where there will be workshops for artists to teach the kids, make a coffee, see you in the morning despite the cold weather, the use of this place, the people walking and it is good to have a place to take a cup of coffee”.

But the works of the Central Park shall not be exhausted with this, also the playground “will be replaced by floors of rubber, and games much more friendly for children”

In terms of safety, Suarez expressed the view that “is enhanced with plenty of lighting, a lot of infrastructure, a lot of usage of the neighbors and us we will reinforce the place with more preventores”.

“To march 2018 has to be ready this whole project of the Central Park. Municipal funds, is done with the input of the neighbors, with their rates that are dumped in the infrastructure, in a park, cute, friendly, which not only enjoyed by residents of the City, but of Las Heras, Guaymallén. This approximately cost 15 million pesos”, said the mayor.

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