Community support needed to outfit Saginaw Police K-9 patrol units – ABC 12 News (press release)

SAGINAW (WJRT) – (11/14/18) – The Saginaw Valley Police Canine Association is asking for the community’s help to make sure K-9 teams in the city of Saginaw are well equipped.

Community support needed to outfit Saginaw Police K-9 patrol units - ABC 12 News (press release) 1

The Saginaw Police Department has four new patrol units on order for the K-9 officers and their dogs, but the canine association is fundraising for all the extras.

«Let’s not be shy about it, the city doesn’t have money and we get it. So we’ve stepped forward and we help,» said Officer Doug Stacer with the Saginaw Police Department and the canine association.

«The inserts, the heat alarms, the door poppers, the things of that nature the dogs need on a daily basis that we need to keep them safe. We stepped forward and we said we would do that,» Stacer said.

Since 2012, the canine association has paid for everything from the purchase of new dogs to the care of each canine in Saginaw and other communities. The association fundraises year-round, but the new patrol vehicles call for extra efforts.

«A hundred percent of everything raised goes directly back into the dog,» Stacer said. «Per vehicle to outfit it with the equipment needed for the dogs and some of the emergency equipment we need as officers, about $13,000 a vehicle.»

There are four K-9 teams in Saginaw. Along with Canjo, the city has Cigan, Deebo and Mitch.

Their new SUVs can’t arrive fast enough. Stacer and Canjo’s SUV is a 2010 and at one point this year it was out of service for more than three months.

Another SUV was out of service Wednesday.

«The chief doesn’t have the ability to have a spare K-9 car,» Stacer said. «They’re wearing, they’re getting old and things break down. It’s just a fact of it.»

The new SUVs have been ordered and should arrive in four to six weeks. The canine association hopes to have the more than $50,000 needed for the equipment raised by then. The clock is ticking.

«We may end up getting these new vehicles in service and if we don’t have the money set aside to outfit them, the cars could sit,» Stacer said.

Community members can help by donating and voting. The canine association is currently in the running for funding through #MyGivingStory.

See «Related Links» for more information about the association on its Facebook page.

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