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Dogs, cats, rabbits and many other animals, are able to provide welfare to individuals who have to deal with a mental disorder.

PsicÃ3logos and psychiatrists from around the world show their preocupaciÃ3n by recent statistics that indicate the growing trend of the dreaded ailments mental, which affect a considerable proportion of the inhabitants of all countries, who can benefit by the presence of a pet at home. Dogs, cats, rabbits and many other animals, are able to provide welfare to individuals who have to deal with a mental disorder, and there is the possibility that the same even come to be cured.
A clear example is the of social phobia, a problem of extreme shyness and fear of permanent serving as a barrier for anyone who suffers from avoiding that relates to normal with the rest of the people. YEAR after year, several patients get greatly reduce the anxiety that causes the socializaciÃ3n in general thanks to the simple fact that they feature the companyâ Company of a dog, both purchased in a pet Shop as adopted in a asociaciÃ3n protective. The obligation of having to take it out to the street so take a walk and do his needs leads to an increase of the frequency with which the person fÃ3bica social leaves his place of greatest peace of mind that used to be housing, which would be impossible without the increase of self-assurance that gives the dog dáyou to affectionate±or. To have something more of confidence in oneself leads to one that deals with the social phobia to take the difficult step of leaving more to the street, an aspect that translates in to interact with other people who also walk their respective dogs, and you tend to make questions to the other owners associated with dogs, from the age up to the type of race.

The extreme shyness and the fear to go to public hot spots also are factors that gradually are left ago it s due to that it is necessary to resort occasionally to the veterinarian with the pet with the goal that you receive the relevant care and health is Ã3ptima. Other sites that will be visited often are supermarkets and specialty shops in search of food, toys and other products to the animal, inviting the person to interact socially with employees and veterinarians. Only by taking this type of steps a shy can happen to even be an extrovert, a process that is simplified substantially with the presence of an animal that causes the estÃmulos suitable to give rise to such situations.

Both dogs as other pets can help those individuals who suffer one of the illnesses more severe, which is known under the name of depresiÃ3n. To overcome it completely is a difficult task that requires muchÃsimo sacrifice, although the same does not serve virtually no purpose if the subject is not account with affectionate±or journal. This is done by precisely the animal you give all your love to that person compensà oh you so care. Although out of the depressive state depends on many more factors, what is certain is that supposed a great help to live periÃ3dicamente this behavior of tenderness animal, from the licking of a dog that so much alegrÃa off to see to his companions±ero is human, even the caresses of his body by a cat. So, sooner or later, the pampering of the pet end up positively affecting any depressive greatly improving their state of ánimo and making each day your life makes sense.

A state in which every human being passes several times throughout his life is that of estrés. There are several ways suited to combat, but none of them is as effective as having a pet. And there is nothing better to decompress after a hard day’s work you get home and your faithful companions±ero I receive happily and even invites you to play with él, dándote before and after an affectionate±or unpayable. The fact of see that the same is so happy counting simply with your company Company and pasándoselo well once in a while causes an irremediable thought that truly the human being does not need all that he longs for, as much less any person can reach the level to satisfy your happiness. It is for this reason that some psicÃ3logos perform the afirmaciÃ3n that the animals also help filosÃ3ficamente causing a change in the way you think.

There are so many ailments that an animal can come to healing and the countless benefits that some experts regarded as the beginning of a therapy the acciÃ3n of done with a pet regardless of the type of living being that you choose. And it is not for less, because from the first minute that I acompañan animal, your life begins to change in a positive way cticamente without realizing it.


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