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The canine theme is a lot of debate in our capital city. On one side are neighbors tired by the situation of disorder that create dogs that search for food in the garbage, but also because of the danger shown by some sectors of Rio Gallegos relative to a high rate of bites. On the other, an ordinance that declares the free euthanasia to the capital and the associations of protective animals that flooded work prevent the area of Animal Welfare to carry out their jobs efficiently.

At present this is not a problem specific to the neighbours, but it has also come to hinder the work of employees of collection, area where there are a large number of cases of bites, so that they have even taken the decision not to pass through some sectors which are already identified dogs as aggressors.

In dialogue with this half, Juan Carlos Vargas, area manager of municipal collection said, “it’s a daily struggle, a war for the kids” and commented that there are three shifts of collection where “we have a high average bite of dogs. For example, in the late shift we have 8 bitten, in the morning between 5 and 6, and the night also in that number, which complicates the life of the kid because we don’t know if the dogs are vaccinated, as some are feral and some not, and some large breeds. The dog guy dominate a little, but with the big dogs is complicated”.

Consulted on the coverage of labour of this case, Vargas said: “Thank God now they are covered, they will be taken to the clinic, the vaccine and the medical in case of being necessary.” From the collection area have had several meetings with the goal of addressing the problem, but the manager said: “In a moment we were going to do a work together with the people from animal control, but that was truncate could not do anything. The issue is that our city is free is euthanasia and the humane’t even allow these dogs that bite can be trapped. It then became the middle truncate, because he was going to build that, more than anything for the guys that sometimes dogs will still remain two or three blocks, there are guys who have been bitten very ugly” and said: “We are all on the street, there are a lot of people who leave them loose and the other problem is that there are people unconscious which binds the dog in the basket, others put the basket inside the residence, in the mud, or the gate, what makes difficult the work of the staff.”

In another portion of the note, the clerk of the municipal area commented: “We have an inspector who comes to the building or to the house, talks to people and gives notice, some will laugh, say that their dog does not bite and that’s it. Not have the weight of the ordinance”, he explained: “it Is located a residence, you make the act of infringement, but you never know what is after. It has never been seen punish someone and learn how to care for your dog. Also the campaigns don’t reach because there are a lot of dogs on the street, dogs breed, great.”

In addition, Vargas said that the sectors that most problem are those who have the service of containers, where “the dogs are put inside and overflow”, adding another situation: “When is the dog loose the guys choose not to go, no one likes to chew on a dog”.

Finally, the municipal worker said: “you have to try to find the back among all, we are not prepared to take the dogs out of the street, put them in an area, but with the help of the veterinary surgeon, the protective, have to look around to not play more. In the dump do not know the amount of dogs there, people will go and dump it there or in the San Benito”, he concluded.

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