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The new legislation seeks to prevent the mistreatment of animals caused by human beings and cause them suffering, injury or death.

The person who is responsible for mistreatment of an animal, organize dog fights, to sell animals on public roads or trade the meat of dog or cat faces a fine of four times the minimum wage –Q10-thousand-988.84– and that penalty could reach up to 12 minimum wages.

Also will become a serious offence to take dogs loose without supervision in the public right of way.

The euthanasia of companion animals should be carried out by a veterinary collegiate active. You will be able to apply this measure in the cases in which the animal is transmitter of serious diseases that put in risk the human life.

For a person who commits criminal neglect against the animals, the fine shall be 12 minimum wages. –Q32 my 966.52–, and triple for those who are repeat offenders.

The decree prohibits circuses using animals in their shows and gives them a deadline of a year to give to organizations that are dedicated to their care.

It prohibits the entry or passage in the country of the circuses that bring in animals.

The new law creates the Animal Welfare Unit that will be attached to the Ministry of Agriculture, will be responsible for monitoring the compliance of the new regulations and keep track of the oenegés who are dedicated to caring for animals.

Among the violations egregious are:

  • Do the records of the animals
  • Promote aggressive behaviors per stimulus human
  • Using animals for testing cosmetics
  • The use of animals as a target for training of other animals
  • Cause death by methods that prolong the suffering
  • Poison or poison animals
  • Bestiality and pornography that use animals
  • Advertising that makes use of violence and abuse against animals

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The guidelines governing animal welfare are

  • Live free of hunger, thirst and malnutrition
  • To live free from fear and distress
  • Free from physical and thermal discomfort and discomfort
  • Free of pain, injury, disease
  • Free to manifest their natural behavior

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