Continue to be reported for animal abuse – Journal The World of Tehuacan

Continue to be reported for animal abuse - Journal The World of Tehuacan 1

In less than five months, the civil association for the protection of animals TAC has been tracking four formal complaints for animal abuse; the lack of culture of complaint and little interest in adopting pets have become the main problematic of Tehuacan.

Benito Flores Pelayo, president of the association, argued that it is urgent to solve the problems of both child abuse as well as finish with the interest of the public in buying puppies and best to adopt, since this generates more dogs are thrown to the street.

In view of that, the members of TAC held a meeting with the area Municipal Services to request the opening of a stand of adoption on the plaza or parque Juarez, this in order to get home more than 15 dogs that are in shelter.

Patricia Aguilar, also a member of the group, stated that the reporting process have been complicated mainly because the people are going to defect out of fear, or knowledge that the law itself can be applied in cases of theft of pets, abuse and other circumstances.

The irresponsibility of the citizens at the time of purchasing pets in stores for sale ensured generates the traffic of dogs.

Jennifer Carrillo

The World of Tehuacan

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