Continue to research death Wrist: PGJE – Michoacán 3.0 (press Release)

Morelia, Michoacán. The Regional Prosecutor of Morelia opened a Folder of Research by the crime of animal abuse, perpetrated to the detriment of an exemplary canine 12 months of age.

The case of Doll became viral in the social networks, then your abuser supposed to be on Facebook, assaults and torture to which he subjected the puppy.

According to the office of the Attorney General of Justice of the State, the investigations began last Monday; in addition to that thanks to the civil association Brother Animal, the owner of the dog filed the corresponding complaint.

In collaboration of the owner, the body of the puppy was moved to the Forensic Medical Service (Semefo) for the practice of necropsy, the agency said.

The forensic study has allowed to establish that the cause of death was generalized visceral congestion by absorption through the skin and by swallowing, by which it requested a histopathological study to confirm the presence and type of substance that caused the poisoning.

Similarly, the office of the Prosecutor has undertaken various errands as part of the statement that performs effect of applying the law to this fact.

According to the information of the PGJE, this is the second time that the institution carries out and ordered postmortem examination on specimens as part of a process of research on topics related to crimes of violence against animals.

In this case, the conduct of animal cruelty is covered in the Penal Code of the State of Michoacán and is punished with imprisonment from six months to two years of imprisonment for the person who exercises this type of acts of violence, and a fine of 20 to 500 days of the general minimum wage.

The aggression to Wrist

Last Monday, the ‘Doll’ was bathed with oil paint blue, and is forced to eat it, wound with an ice pick and thrown in a sisterna from where it was rescued and handed over to its owner.

The alleged assailant was identified as Carlos Manuel Jiménez, who bragged on his Facebook about the torture committed against the dog.

Continue to research death Wrist: PGJE - Michoacán 3.0 (press Release) 1

Through the site, asked the authorities to apply the law against the responsible subject:

“We ask that the perpetrators of these acts to be punished, let us remember that today was a defenseless dog, tomorrow it could be a person,” says the petition, which until now has 46 thousand signatures. Signature here

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