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SUNCHALES (our Agency). – In the morning of the day before had developed an act in which was presented the Program of Population Control Canine and Feline, driven by the Regional Association for the Development of the Department of Castellanos.
The opportunity was presented to an operating room mobile, belonging to the Association referred to above and until the next Friday 10 will act in the barrios Moreno , co-operative and rural area, close to Chapel Ambroggio, of this city.
The program has as a goal to control the population of dogs and cats, a problem that exceeds the limits of each jurisdiction so that it points to your approach in a regional bid to achieve most effective solutions.

Important time

The first to make use of the word was Gonzalo Toselli, the mayor of this city, who extolled the transcendence of the moment, that is of true importance to the region, primarily because it seeks to work jointly, with a look regional. He stressed the significance that the Association has acquired this drive that will benefit the Department.
Also had terms of appreciation for the senator Alcides Calvo «always supporting and accompanying them». Reminded that we are in a region where we have many issues that move us and bind us, and reiterated that «we have a senator always firm and accompanying us when we need it», also praised the work of the Association , that always accompanied the development.
As for the operating theatre mobile noted that «I wanted to link it to the joint work that we are doing», and he called listen to those accompanying him on the table.

Ricardo Giacosa
Continued Ricardo Giacosa, president of the Regional Association for Development, who highlighted the importance of entrepreneurship and the decision to acquire the surgical unit mobile.
Took the opportunity to offer a brief overview of the support the Association provided, in the latter period, the entrepreneurs of the region.
In another passage he referred to the acquisition of the surgical unit mobile, which came pergeñándose from a year ago and he meant a important investment.
He mentioned the twenty-three local governments which are attached to and explained the meaning that this intervention will have to control the pet population, and recalled the situations that exist in populations because of the dogs abandoned, mainly on the other hand highlighted the work of the Association of NGOS in the NETWORK.

Alcides Calvo
Finally closed the list of speakers Alcides Calvo who first praised the work of the NGOS in the NETWORK and the task of all those who, in one way or another, contribute their task in favor of the animals. She outlined the various steps that led to the acquisition of the unit, stressed the need for the same, detected in all populations, recognized the schedule of activities in this city provided by the driver of the act – Flavio González-.
Later highlighted the work facing together and that covers already – by the accessions achieved – a good part of the Department.
With satisfaction he noted that the unit was built in San Vicente.Later thanked and highlighted the gesture that had labs Over, in San Vicente, which adheres to and will provide elements for the surgeries, achieving, this way , to decrease costs.

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