Controversy in the networks by the sale of puppies of a dog of the … – El Ancasti Editorial

The sale of puppies of German shepherd by a user on Facebook sparked the anger of societies protectionist of animals, because in the posting indicates that the puppies are the children of a dog, «brought from the police of the province”, which would entail a offense so they asked for that separately at the head of the division, Officer Barrientos.

The publication made on an open group on the social network, it was not clear if the dog is still owned by the force or not. However, put on alert to organizations that look after the welfare of the animals because according to sustain, in the event that even part of the police, «you would be committing a crime».

Faced with this possibility, also through a posting on Facebook, the Protective Association We, the Animals and Huellitas Northern was manifested in the respect and described the fact as a situation «very grave”, so they asked that the deputy chief of police, Ana Garay, acted about it.

«A long time ago that we have been seeking the movement of the head of Canes, officer Barrientos, who has several procedures nefarious with child abuse and animal cruelty”, they noted.

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