Court examines the lawsuit that seeks to stop the sport hunting in the country – The Universal – Colombia

Full Chamber of the Constitutional Court admitted to his studio with a lawsuit that seeks to prohibit hunting for sporting purposes in the country.

It is a demand that presented Laura Juliana Santacoloma Mendez against three excerpts from the Decree-Law 2811 of 1974 and the Statute of Animal Protection, 1989, which allows the hunting of wildlife for sporting purposes and the existence of hunting grounds, which are areas intended for that activity.

According to the complaint, these provisions offend against the Constitution by not ensuring the coexistence between sentient beings and reduced «to a mere business the life of another living being without any justification».

According to Santacoloma, the endorsement to the sport hunting does not know the principles of human dignity, solidarity and the prevalence of the general interest, as well as the duty «not to abuse the rights of their own and the animal protection».

The demand was supported by the office of the judge Antonio Jose Lizarazo Ocampo who requested concept to the comisión Colombiana de Juristas, Dejusticia, the humane Society, the Federation of Entities Defenders of Animals and of the Environment of Colombia, Coldeportes, and deans of the faculties of jurisprudence from 12 universities across the country.

Similarly, the Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of Justice and the Secretariat’s Legal the Presidency of the Republic.

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