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Rio Grande.- For the treatment of municipal ordinance N° 3584/2016 in relation to the Management of the Canine Population of the Municipality, council member Laura Colazo led a meeting in the room of Committees of the city Council with his pair Raul von der Thusen, the animal protectors, and the College of Veterinarians represented by Dr. Fabian Zaninni.

During the meeting, those present worked on the need to generate an awareness in the society in terms of responsible pet ownership, as well as promote the adoption, education campaigns, among other points.

Concluded the meeting, council member Colazo stated that “this meeting has to do with the beginning of the activity of a commission that was created last year by the Ordinance that aims to be able to monitor compliance with the program goals and objective that was approved by ordinance, and that it was created by the College of Veterinarians on what it has to do with the management of the dog population in Rio Grande”.

He pointed out that this commission is integrated by the “College of Veterinary associations and animal welfare, by the city Council, and the Municipal Executive, today were present all, unless the Municipality, but we need the presence of the Municipality because it is the part of the executing of the rules that we developed together with the College of Veterinarians, are they who we have to provide all the data so that you can make the technical control of the implementation, and the contributions that are needed to check the implementation of this program of goals and objectives”.

Also the mayor stated that what we have detected, together with the College of Veterinarians is that “the problems continue, it continues to increase the amount of dog population that is without owners, which are in the public spaces, the danger of the diseases of zoo news, the bites, where it has not lowered the rate of bites in Rio Grande, and this is very serious because it puts at risk the physical integrity of persons, especially of girls and children of the Rio Grande,” he said.

Also said that it is “necessary that the Municipality can implement in a programmatic way, and through a public policy in all the regulations that there is approved in Rio Grande”.

In the same way Colazo stated that “during the meeting we raised along with the animal protectors and the College of Veterinarians present a note requesting that the Municipality be present at the meeting for the month of march, and you send us the detailed information about the budget that is allocated for the area of zoonoses, as it is implemented the same as is translated in concrete actions, to know the number of staff assigned to the area of zoonoses, and that tasks are fulfilling, to know what is the quantity of inputs that handle, known as it comes to the operation with the national programmes, if they have been dropped or not, we have understood that yes, but we want to see how this is implement, all of this has to do with being able to monitor all of the program goals and objectives, by which we’re going to present this note to be signed by the three parties members of the commission, and we hope to have the commitment of the management team to the municipality to which may be present on the day 15 of march, because his presence is key.”

Finally he stated that we do not “we are proposing no requirement strange, we want to collaborate because we believe that it is a central issue for the public health, and in addition we have the right of access to public information, both the neighbors, the institutions, because that guaranteed by the Charter, so we hope to get a positive response with all the data that we require”.

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