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The Secretariat of Public Services and the Association Humane Society International (HSI), were accepted by the partnership agreement to give continuity to the works which, in terms of citizen awareness about the responsible ownership of companion animals, have been developed successfully in the municipality of Aguascalientes.

To sign the agreement on joint working, highlighted the sensitivity and full support of the mayor’s office who heads the mayor Tere Jimenez, to promote strategies and programs that will help to improve what until now has been done in this area by the work that is performed by the own dependence and the relationship proactive that has been established with the associations of protection of animals at the institution.

It is revealed that in the last few years, the Municipality has advanced in important ways in terms of responsible ownership of companion animals, with results that are reflected in the decrease of canes that are delivered by their owners to the Department for Control, Care and Animal Welfare.

With the support and the interest of the mayor Tere Jimenez, the Secretariat of Public Services continues to generate new strategies of dissemination to continue convincing the population that what is important is the sterilization to control overpopulation canine and feline, the adoption of animals from the streets and not abandoning pets.

The executive director of the Association, Humane Society International (HSI), Daniel Anton Aguilar Garcia, acknowledged the effort that the city Council of the capital has been driven for the welfare of the animals, emphasizing that the guideline in this matter has taken the Municipality of Aguascalientes is the correct one.

“Even though we have obtained achievements is very positive at the national level, it is not very common for governments to provide all the support to this kind of actions; in the case of Aguascalientes, we welcome the interest of the municipal president, and this encourages us and makes us perceive that yet to come best things in the theme of animals.”

In this way, in the presence of the link of the government of the HSI in the entity, José Felipe Márquez, signed the commitment to continue working hand-in-hand, with the support of the different associations of protective of animals, and independent activists who seek to improve the conditions of life of the animals of company and contribute simultaneously to reduce the public health problems that stem from the abandonment and overpopulation dogs and cats on the streets of Aguascalientes.

Created Municipality owners responsible for pets - The Herald 2

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