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“Pets play an essential social role for many people. Not only company, but also affection, companionship, and protection, reaching out to form links only between humans and animals, which become a crucial part of their lives, especially in society today with high levels of stress and anxiety,” said the councillor Cesoni.

For such purposes, the approved project states that it will have to allocate the resources necessary for the acquisition of the mobilities for the operational tasks of the Guard, as well as the uniforms and the tools necessary for the work of the staff. It also proposes the creation of a registry for complaints of pets abused, abandoned, lost and found via an online contact free. Also, “the initiative includes the development of a web page for exclusive use of the disclosure in social networks photos of the pets, reserving the data of the complainants to prevent the collection or payment of rewards for the return of the animals.

Registration of animals in condition of street

Among the items approved, it establishes the creation of a permanent record of animals in condition of the street, with the order to be assisted when required with food, water, or shelter in times of high, low temperatures or storms. In addition, you must perform activities in the pursuit of responsible pet ownership such as: installation of posts veterinary Unit Veterinary Mobile, neighborhood, and institutions of the communities that have facilities suitable to install operating theatres and itinerant); sterilization of dogs and cats; vaccinations; treatments several and basic care, as well as shall establish a schedule of talks to schools, municipal gardens and institutions with the aim of informing and raising awareness on the protection of domestic animals as well as sarrollar advertising campaigns with respect to the subject matter, all for free, with the staff and resources of the Secretariat of Environment,” he said Cesoni.

Veterinary care

At the same time the ordinance passed this Friday expected to should be made a framework agreement with the College of Veterinarians or the Veterinary Faculty for the disposal of the professionals or advanced students in a condition to practice professional rental in order to have a permanent guard of at least one, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year for cases that demand attention required and in order to corroborate the health status of the animals in the event of allegations of abuse.

“We propose that the agents of the Gu.S.P.To. have the power to make complaints before the competent authorities in case of identified violation of the Law Branch No. 14346; and the Municipal Executive to impose fines on any person to enquire into an act of abuse or neglect an animal within the framework of the code of Procedure for Municipal offenses,” he explained Cesoni.

Finally, the approved standard proposes the signing of a collaboration agreement with the Zoological Station Experimental Farm The Emerald or Society santa fe humane, in order to be able to provide transit for a period which is given to the rescued animals until their recovery and put up for adoption, as well as the animals found with the search of whereabouts on the part of their owners, who will receive attention from the Municipality for the period duration of the transit.


In the presentation of the initiative were the Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary medicine of the U. N. L, Humberto Occhi; Jorge Lazzaroni, of the College of Veterinarians of Santa Fe, the director of Zoonoses, Municipal, Jorge Cobo, and president of the Circle Veterinarian from Santa Fe, Judith Palamedi. Also present were Anahí Montiel and Clear Fontanarrosa by the Association for the protection of Animals, Gabriel Piedrabuena for Dignity Animal, Cristina Pagani and Luisa Gomez by the Association S. O. S Horses and students of the Technical School No. 647 “Dr. Pedro Funes”, for the Lazarus project.

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