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MEXICO CITY 31-Aug .- The luck of «Lucky», a dog of about 2 years, changed as the result of a citizen complaint.

After living on the streets, his fortune seemed not to improve when you have been confined by a neighbor of the Delegation of Coyoacan to a rooftop. However, its abandonment was captured in a confidential manner and, through the photographs, they showed the mistreatment that he received. He was skin and bones, it was difficult to stay standing and his company consisted of a couple of empty plates.

This same story faced by thousands of animals in the mexican capital, to be victims of negligence, aggression or cruelty.

According to figures from the mexican Environmental and land use planning (PAOT) of the City of Mexico, the allegations of animal abuse have risen exponentially. In the last 14 years, reports have increased slightly more than 151 times.

Receiving six reports in 2002, the PAOT counted 908 accusations concerning animals in 2016. Last year, he was the second most reported, only after the violations of the use of urban land. In 2017, are going to be more of 868 complaints.

Of the total of reports that address the 90 percent is related to animals of company, shares Miguel Angel Cancino, holder of the PAOT. Other wildlife species, such as an axolotl that was abandoned on the source of a church, take up the remaining percentage.

Family, not a pet

To say of Anton Aguilar, executive director of Humane Society International (HSI), there has been an increase in complaints as people have stopped to see the animals for company as pets.

Now, says the manager of HSI, they are considered members of the family.

«The relationship is more active and civic, so that (the people) denounces and demands more,» says Aguilar.

«There is a tendency at the global level had a favourable attitude with the animals,» she adds.

The digital platforms have also played a key role in the complaint.

«We believe that animal abuse has become more visible thanks to the networks (social),» says the director of HSI.

Monica Pineda, president of People for Animal Defense, pointing out that the citizenship now dares to denounce the abuse.

«Before they didn’t, just watched and ignored. Today they lift the phone or the computer to ask for help,» he says.

«A sector of society has been realized with the passing of the years. Although not taking an active part, is aware that a change is required and that the animal welfare benefits to an entire society,» says Pineda.

The counterparty, in accordance with the advocate, are the people who do not feel empathy.

«To recognize the right of animals requires the capacity of putting yourself in the shoes of others. Those who have zero empathy towards the suffering of other living beings end up mistreating the animals or make omissions to the regulations of animal protection».

For Aguilar, the link between animal abuse and other types of violence is narrow.

«They begin to mistreat animals and then to his wife or children,» he adds.

«A subject that torture to animals is capable of abusing humans», points out for his part, Gustavo Larios, president of the Mexican Association for Animal Rights (Amedea).

Forms of abuse

In the opinion of Veronica Grajales, coordinator, legal of AnimaNaturalis, the acts of abuse and cruelty differ because in the first case it acts without intent, whereas the latter is characterized by the intention to cause harm.

For Solicitor-environmental, while respecting the freedoms of animal welfare there is abuse; that is to say, the animal has to be free from hunger, thirst, malnutrition, fear, distress, discomfort, physical or thermal, pain, injuries, illnesses, and should be able to express their natural behaviour.

The reports and allegations that serve the protectors of animals will allow to Pineda, president of People for Animal Defense, classified into two groups, the owners.

The first is made up of the owners who, due to ignorance or negligence, cause any discomfort to the animal. Among the common reasons for complaints include the absence of water, food or medical care, and that the pet to stay tied without the possibilities of exercise.

The second is reserved for those who commit acts of cruelty intentional. There are places that profit from the fights of dogs or torture animals.

The worst case that reminds Cancino is that of an animal, by which he set fire, but it indicates that in the PAOT have seen cases of mutilation and even pets acquired to be beaten by their masters.

Leticia Mejia, an assistant solicitor of Environmental Protection, tells the story of «Harvy» as one of the most hard: the canine was recovered with half of the body and face flayers.

After five months of recovery, he was adopted by the family of a worker of the unit.

The PAOT was not able to find the person responsible for initiating a criminal prosecution, but the Law of Animal Protection of the City of Mexico states that animal abuse is a crime that is punishable by up to six years in prison.

Pineda acknowledges that the owners of the first category are likely to change in accordance with the recommendations of the authorities.

However, some people can’t or don’t want to be with the animal after receiving suggestions.

In these cases, the pet passed to the care of the PAOT, who uses its network of partnerships with associations protecting to relocate them in a home.

In extraordinary cases, such as «Lucky», the offices of the institution the shelter while they await adoption. The croquettes and products for animals are paid from the pockets of workers, » says Mejia.

Long way

Despite the higher number of complaints, the specialists agree that the way for the rights of animals is still long.

A responsible owner is the one who is aware of the needs of your pet, know that these are not a toy, but a lifelong commitment, » says Grajales.

In the meantime, Pineda points out that the owners are still irresponsible with animals.

«About 90 per cent of dogs of the anti-rabies are voluntarily turned over by their owners,» says the president of People for Animal Defense.

In may, REFORM found that sufficient 69 pesos, a copy of official identification and a format with data general to get rid of a can in an anti-rabies even if it is healthy.

Groups defenders of animals, as World Feet and Lupis Sapien Animal rights, condemned these actions encourage the irresponsibility of the owners.

To the president of Amedea, the PAOT is a dependency toothless, despite of her positive attitude. In your opinion, you need to become an institution to impose penalties to enforce the law.

With the debut of its new powers, including ordering the execution of security measures, corrective or protective measures, the priority of the Office will be to review the establishments dedicated to the breeding, reproduction and sale of animals, advances Cancino.

For Larios, president of the Amedea, it will also be necessary to build a public shelter for animals, where they can rehabilitate your body and mind.

«The welfare of animals goes hand in hand with the well-being of the people», he shoots for his part, Pineda.

While experts expect that the conditions of the animals in the Country will improve, «Lucky» awaits at the headquarters of the PAOT, with his energetic and playful personality, for someone to take and to give, with patience and love, a new opportunity.

In recent years, reports of animal abuse have increased exponentially.


2007 18

2008 36

2009 48

2010 59

2011 78

2012 118

2013 456

2014 445

2015 643

2016 908

Source: PAOT

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