Breeding dolphin dies of harassment from tourists, says NGO –

A small dolphin died on the beach of Mojacar, in Almeria, Spain, due to the harassment of tourists who wanted to take selfies with him, as he accused the NGO humane Equinac.

«This breeding varó by being sick or losing her mother, without which you can not survive, but crowding about him to photograph him and touch him, of course, that causes these animals to enter a state of stress very high,» said Equinac in a statement published on their social networks.

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The NGO also criticized the «obsession for touching and photographing animals that are extremely sensitive, as well as the lack of empathy for a living being alone, scared without her mother.»

On the death of the breeding infant belonging to the species Stenella coeruleoalba, Ecquinac added that «it should have been notified to the 112 (emergency number) before; do not rush to take photos of a baby dolphin scared and weak.»


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