Croquettes contraceptive for dogs, an invention of source … – DNA 40

Mexico tops the list with 23 million of canines who are abandoned or lost. The Mexican Association of Veterinary Medical Specialists in Small animals, says that the figures increased by 20% each year.

The student of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and animal Husbandry, Sheila Irais Peña, developed and patented a method of birth control that is not invasive and does not have negative effects on the races.

The goal is to create a natural product, comprising sex hormones, such as progestins and androgens for both sexes, running to the control of the reproduction and inhibition of up to two “jealousy” per year for females.

Croquettes contraceptive for dogs, an invention of source ... - DNA 40 1

Health issue

Stray dogs are a problem of health, because every day a homeless dog defecates 400 grams and urine 800 milliliters. This is almost half a metric ton per day of waste, and 182 tons per year.

Have to define the time of operation in the body of the animal so that it has a prolonged effect.


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