Beware new scam on the internet, a grandmother, has already been the victim – The View (press Release)

There are many things to consider when you want to have a dog again.

More important is to know if we are prepared emotionally and financially to take care of another living being. Once we made the decision, it is advisable to adopt our new pet from a shelter or humane.

But if we decide to buy, you must know well where we are adquieriendo the puppy.

A scam that is circulating lately is aimed at people who want to acquire a new pet.

Unfortunately, a grandmother in Colorado was one of the more recent victims.

This grandmother, who prefers to hide his identity under the name ficiticio Mary, I wanted to give a puppy to her granddaughter of ten years. After a quick search of the internet, gave, with an adorable puppy golden retriever. She knew immediately that she wanted to adopt the little dog (which they called “Leo”) for your granddaughter.

Went to the web page where I had found Leo, and contacted the man who was giving away. The man told Mary that his wife was too sick to continue caring for Leo, so they were trying to find him a loving family. All that Mary needed to do was pay the $450 dollars of shipping costs.

Mary sent the money, but Leo never came.

It turns out that the web site where I had purchased Leo was a scam. Leo was not there and the poor grandmother had been a victim of a scam.


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