Meet goal of sterilization – The Sun of Hermosillo (press Release)

With the purpose to prevent the overpopulation of pets, the Care Center’s Canine and Feline, in collaboration with civil associations, carried out the Mega Day of Sterilization for Dogs and Cats.

José Ariel Felix Ortiz, director of the Center, pointed out that it fulfilled the goal of a thousand 200 surgeries totally free in the course of Friday to Sunday, which speaks of the commitment of the citizens with their pets.

“Of the thousand 200 spayed and neutered pets, the ratio was almost 50 % dogs and 50 % cats, we are very pleased that the people with cats as it is with the understanding that it is a problem of overpopulation, the cat is playing faster than the dog,” he said.

After the surgery, the volunteers of civil partnerships protective of animals such as the Dog Leg provided a discussion of post-operative care to the pet owners, as well as and recommendations for moving the animals to their homes in an appropriate manner.

The Mega event featured with the help of 25 doctors from various states and even the united States, in addition to involved 60 volunteers from the Universidad del Valle de México, Universidad de Sonora, Instituto Tecnológico de Hermosillo and Technological Institute of Sonora.

According to Felix Ortiz, the Mega Journey began the day Friday at the Habitat Centre in Solidarity with the sterilization of 338 animals; the Saturday led to 388 pets and the Sunday more than 400 dogs and cats.

“The step that comes is to work in the responsible ownership and education, to further promote and that people do not abuse or abandon animals,” he said.

In the remainder of the year, the Centre-of-Care Canine and Feline will continue with the days of free health care and animal sterilization programs in the colonies with high population of dogs and cats, organized with the support of the neighbors.

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