Met goal of one thousand spayed and neutered pets at Home – La Prensa Austral

Thursday put an end to the program community, which had as its goal sterilization and castration of a thousand pets, which was executed by the municipality of Natales and the Society for the protection of Animals “Faithful Friends”, which was funded by the office of the Undersecretary for Regional Development (Subdere).
The ceremony of completion was held at the hall of multiple use after almost four months of work, a period in which we operated 800 dogs and 200 cats, both males and females.
On the occasion, the mayor Fernando Paredes thanked the Society for the protection of Animals, Subdere and the neighborhood boards of the populations Octavio Castro and Eduardo Frei. Posited that the time was ripe to celebrate “first meet the goal of a thousand sterilizations, and, the second thing is to have a municipal register of 2,500 pets registered. That means that we are moving in the record communal pets -which we have – and will allow us to identify the owner of a pet that we find wandering the streets.”
In the opportunity it gave a galvano to the humane Society in recognition of his work, which was received by its president, María Díaz.
In the meantime, the programme coordinator and representative of the Subdere in Magallanes, Carlos Pavez, pointed out that through the Subdere) and the Ministry of Interior is always providing resources to municipalities to promote responsible pet ownership, in the case of Natal was made with the sterilization program, which included a thousand animals, canines and felids, where it can be seen that fulfilled in a satisfactory manner the goal on the part of the community. “We, as Subdere, we continue to encourage other communities to participate in the various programs that exist in the line of responsible pet ownership as was the case in Natal”.

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