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MONTERREY, June 25, 2017.- That your pet have a behavior “perrón” it is possible, so they lived more than 150 people who attended the free class of obedience canine organized by SPHERE FASHION HALL, with the support of the Monterrey Pet Friendly. The Life center Pet Friendly largest in all of Monterrey opened its doors the morning of Sunday, June 25 to customers who were with their best friends.

The class was taught by Eduardo Martinez, a veterinary doctor and coach, of the school of dog training Manadak – 9, who gave tips for better communication with dogs.

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“The majority of dogs do not listen because they do not have an expectation. The solution of a good behavior for our dog, it is not the belt that is most expensive is not to buy a strap on punishment, the gold ground is the food, which is the form of connection that we’re going to have the handler and the dog, and that way will do what I ask,” said Martinez.

He suggested that the food to train the dog to be something easy to swallow, such as sausages, pieces of cheese or ham. Martinez added that another key to successful obedience dog, it is the visual contact, because the animals need the full attention to understand the orders they give their owners.

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During the event also counted with the presence of the civil association Culture Perrona, which promotes the adoption. SPHERE FASHION HALL has cleaning stations and hydration for pets so that their visitors have everything they need to enjoy the ride.

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The shops are Pet Friendly within the life center are Loly in the Sky, Funster, The Craft, Pamen and iShop Mixup. SPHERE FASHION HALL is an important promoter of the culture Pet-Friendly, as it adds to the action of pets can be welcome on all parts, so they will continue doing regularly activities for the community regia.

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Martha, the dog «ugliest in the world»

By: The Debate In California.- In Petalunia, California, met 14 dogs to find the dog «ugliest in the world». The contest awarded a prize to Martha, a mastino napolitano, for his wrinkles, his hair was brownish and his eyes bloodied.

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