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Advisory board Animal Protection

The initiative aims to create a space where you will be informed and concientizará on the responsibility and care when purchasing an animal adoption and generate the opportunity to acquire a pet. The event will be Saturday the 20th from 16.30 to 20, in the square of the neighborhood Paykin.

May 18, 2017

Convenes the Consultative Council on Animal Protection dependent of the City Council of Resistance, with the support of the Presidency of the Council, Footprints of Dogs, of the College of Lawyers through the Law Institute of the Animal, protective, independent, the Court of Misdemeanours, Municipal and of the Council of Veterinary surgeons, among others.

Council member Alicia Frías provided details of the day and invited all citizens to participate. While the event focuses on the adoption of pets will also include other topics such as prevention of diseases, feeding, breeds, immunization campaign and everything that makes the care of a pet.

“There are many people who without being either protective or without having some organization already constituted have a certain amount of animals just for the love you have towards them and take advantage of that day for them, and conduct a review with the vet and be able to give them in adoption to families who want to adopt,” said the councilman. In this order, highlighted the broad participation of the residents in each of these days. “The results are very positive mainly because of the participation of the people. There we noted that concern, which is today the corporation with respect to the care of the animal and like to be able to go incorporating it within your family, from another perspective, or gaze, considering him as a member of the family”, he concluded.

What is the Consultative Council of Animal Protection

Born from an initiative of the Presidency of the City Council of Resistance and is composed of councillors of the blocks of the ruling party and the opposition, veterinarians, and representatives of various organizations who are working intensely on the proposal protectionist, with the aim of addressing situations related to the problem of street animals, traction of blood, as well as work in the defence of their rights.

Headed by council members Alicia Frías (PJ); and Martin Bogado (ARI) and are part of the judges of the Faults of the Municipality of Resistance, representatives of the Council of Veterinary surgeons of the Chaco, of the office of the Undersecretary for Environmental Health of the Municipality, of the Institute of Animal Protection and Environmental law School in the Chaco, social organizations of animal protection, among which are Foundation free and APACH, Pitbull Chaco, Animal Sanctuary, Association Legislative Solidarity, I Am Animal, Protection, Anonymous and Traces of Dog, among others.

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