Day of solidarity «for the right of animals» – First Edition

A group of associations dedicated to the rescue of animals in the province will be carrying out a day of solidarity-based collaboration and awareness of the care of your pets. It will be this Saturday, from 14 in the fourth stage of the Costanera (the Teatrino) and with the participation of more than twenty “protective”. This event came up with the idea of strengthening the rights of animals, and it is organized by the Liceo Naval “Almirante Storni” in conjunction with the Foundation Koropeski. It will be a marathon in which you can participate in different categories and distances.

FIRST EDITION spoke with Vanesa Florentín, a member of The Animal Shelter, and commented that “the ideal is that the accreditation for the marathon is to do with time, as it is the central event of the day for the rights of animals”. On the objective pursued by an organisation of these characteristics and which meets so many of the rescuers, said that “we try to unite all of the protectors of the province in an event so that we can know each other, to see the work that each does there from your place, to exchange experiences and to disseminate the actions”.

Since the previous registrations are open in the “motorhome” especially enabled Cruise in the North which is located in the Plaza 9 de Julio, in the hours from 9 to 12.30 and 15 to 18. “The entry consists of a balanced food for dogs or cats, then we are going to split between the protective in addition you must sign a tab,” said Florentín. In terms of the number of associations that will be present during the Saturday said that “ we are talking of around twenty of the whole province, the idea is to get together because most of us know it by social networks but not personally, then the foundation Koropeski collaborated with the tickets for all of these associations that come to know the work they do and each one will have its place. People are going to be able to travel with the protective”.

Responsible ownership

On the dissemination of the work carried out in Missions to the protective in collaboration with other entities from The Animal Shelter emphasized that “we are with the ordinance to establish the pyrotechnics zero in Inns so that we will be collecting signatures that day. Beyond the marathon is a day of awareness. Going to be the Imusa, which is conducive to the strengthening of the ordinance of Responsible ownership and its application in the municipality, also to apply to rabies vaccine for pets, and spreading everything that has to do with the sterilization and castration”.

In addition he anticipated that “there will be a day of adoption of animals, for that reason, we ask identity card, of legal age, report service to verify the address where going to be the animal,” explained Florentín.

For the athletes who will be running the marathon, there are thirteen categories that are available according to the age and level of training that cover different distances. “We are talking of a division between 2, 3, 5 and 10 kilometres, according to whether they are participative level, school, major, and senior adults 60 and up”.

The Naval school Storni part of the organization of the marathon of solidarity which will enable the participation of both amateurs and professionals.

Those interested in participating can already get closer to the “motorhome” Cruise of the North located in the plaza 9 de Julio in the hours from 9 to 12.30 and 15 to 18. The registration, a food for dogs or cats.

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