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April 29,

The Day the Animal is held for the first time in Argentina makes exactly one hundred and nine years, to emulate the Animal Sunday (Sunday of the Animal) that the English were celebrated in early October. That first celebration was held on may 2, 1908, raising the question of why now is the 29 of April and not the 2 of may or the first Sunday of October, to the way british. You always said that the Day of the Animal was given in honor to Ignacio Lucas Albarracín, promoter of the first law of protection to the animal, who died the 29 of April of 1926; but it is now known that this is an extraordinary coincidence.

April 20, 2017

By the way, the idea to pay homage to the animals was promoted by Albarracín, but the day chosen was not “put in his memory, but almost 20 years before”, said Osvaldo Perez, a veterinarian and member of the Argentine Association of History of Veterinary medicine.


“In march of 1907 Albarracín began to take steps to celebrate in Buenos Aires, a Party Animal, before the doctor Ponciano Vivanco, president of the National Council of Education, and to the mayor of buenos aires, Carlos S. de Alvear,” he said.

“It would be, according to his idea, as the Animal’s Sunday, which was celebrated in London, and in which the pastors of the churches preached sermons to inculcate the feeling of sympathy towards animals,” continued Perez.

Since that already existed in the country a Feast of the Tree, it seemed logical to extend the celebration to the animal kingdom, so “the intendente Alvear consulted with Clement Onelli, director of the Zoological Garden, as this was the site proposed by Albarracín for the school were gathering to give their signs of affection”.


But according to Perez, Onelli advised not chose October because it is spring here -the station of the zeal – and not on Sunday, because there would be too many people in the zoo. “The gentle autumn stifled passions and would be more conducive, as the animals they are meant to enhance in the eyes of the child as useful, and to defend as inferior beings, give in spring nasty shows of petulance and fiery fights between fellow”, replied Onelli to Alvear.

In order to this, the mayor of buenos aires signed on April 20, 1907, the decree that created the Party Animal, to be held each year at the Zoo, on a business day between 20 and 30 April. “The first Party of the Animal was scheduled for April 29, 1908, and hence arose the Day the Animal is held on this day; however, this time had to be abandoned because it rained cats and dogs and was postponed to the 2nd of may”, concluded Perez.

In summary: the Day the Animal is held since 1908 in Argentina, the 29th of April because that was the original date of the first call, and not by the death of Albarracín, which occurred 18 years later.

In 1977, the International League of Animal Rights launched its Universal Declaration of Animal Rights that the United Nations adopted the following year, and whose first article recalls that “all animals are born equal before the life and have the same rights (that man) into existence”.


In Argentina, the first being concerned about the conservation and protection of the animals was the president Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, who created the Society for the protection of Animals. The law 2786 of Protection to the Animal, passed in 1891, established the obligation to respect them and prevent their mistreatment and indiscriminate hunting. But today, both here and in the world, there are 16.119 endangered species and 784 are already totally extinct. (Source: Telam)

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