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The saying that those who can’t respect the animal life, either from abuse, omission, or neglect, evil can have empathy or respect for what is most precious: human life.

A thought that everyday we see latent with the permanent presence of dogs beaten, left to fend for themselves on the street, or worse even killed (there are many examples of regrettable and renowned in the province) that are in the news every day.

In this sense, in Mendoza there are several NGOS and institutions that work daily in the protection of the animals in this type of situations. Moproa is one of them.

It is a refuge that gives his work, time, money and space (in an area of Las Heras) to rescue dogs (puppies and adults) at risk limit, street, or any danger of risk of life or ill-treatment , as well as situations of contagion of disease, death, accident, or females abandoned by birth.

The picture is not encouraging, but even so, the task for authorities, volunteers, veterinary and home, is what makes the difference between life and death for many of these animals.

In the present Moproa account with a commission formed by Liliana Villegas (duties of president and vice), the treasurer Susana Broitman, and the pro – treasurer Eva Fonseca. As active volunteers for care, cleaning and transfer: Laura Abate, Nadia Oliva, Roberto Latorre, and Leonardo Zuñega. Together they work three veterinary medical: Georgina Hidalgo (head of service) Rita, and Adriana (who look after and control the dogs two times a week).

Adds the vital work of Camilo and Leticia Tramontino, that reside and take care of the shelter. However, there are few for the daily task of moving, care, cleaning and start-up of multiple activities, which money is intended to be able to buy materials for the old dog runs, and the reform of most of them.

In fact, the volunteers not only undertake tasks with canines in the shelter, but also their members do work in different places, where requested, attending to the animals when they are sick, helping with the castration and participating as mediators in cases of allegations of abuse.

With more than 100 dogs, and the will as a banner, the team works to raise awareness and to prevent, where there aren’t enough hands to come to fruition.

“ MOPROA since 1998 he received his number of legal personality, under the assignment of the protection of animals and of NGOS,” says Laura one of the volunteers.

“As a volunteer there are a number of closed, or a site fixed, since we are only few that are stable or come with continuity in the pursuit of this task to which we put the heart”, she explains.

– How is it maintained?

-Like all NGOS, we keep the basis of a small number of partners (who pay a fee of $50), fundraising events such as bingos, fairs american, raffles, a piggy bank of solidarity which is every Saturday in Gutiérrez and San Martin (from 11), donations and money from our own pocket. All is lung, since no one ever gave us a hand from any Municipality. Recently this year I was presented the opportunity of a project with the Municipality of Las Heras, but we still have no response.
We all work ad honorem and heart with cases that touch the soul.

– At what point as picture overcomes?

-The adoption responsible, is the slogan of the entire protective What does it mean the same? A person who comes to adopt an animal keep in mind that the dog you adopt is not for “use” of an alarm, or attack, or to leave then if it is not adapted to their home or to their children, but from the moment that you decide to adopt it is a member of the household, to care, to give love and be preserved from all kind of danger or disease, with a follow-up veterinary relevant.

Always we are committed to raise awareness among the common people, to replace the purchase of canines expensive, for the adoption of dogs who have been left helpless and alone, from owners without scruples that have been mistreated, abandoned to their fate (even on routes) that are sick or about to give birth…it Is a matter of concientizarnos and give it to the animal not a value of goods or object, but of “being alive”.

In addition, dogs in this situation are the double of loving each other for their sad reality, because they are devoid of love, affection and care.

– Another fundamental point is the castration…

– Absolutely. Castration and de-worming are two of the main factors to prevent more animals that are sick, abandoned or loose. We always stress this point, to avoid future evils. There are municipalities that do so completely free of charge, and is one more way to protect future births unwanted, and hence, pups abandoned.

Castration mass of males and females by all the municipalities, it would help a lot to prevent the multiplication of animals in the street.

– How to help Moproa?

– Any donation of materials in construction is welcome, as well as clothing and blankets in disuse for the cold.

We speak of elements of construction such as cement bags, half-shadow, metal sheets for repair of roofs and walls, dog runs, sand, gravel for use also new works that are going on, and for the maintenance of areas of old shelter. It all adds up and helps.

The look inclusive

The fact that there are NGOS like Moproa, does not mean that can accommodate the puppy loose there in the street. For a matter of space and resources, can not give asylum to the dog loose in the street, by which priorities are established, as for example puppies that are at risk, run over, or with scabies very advanced.

“In here, not only can they be pups, or adult dogs, but those who for some reason is missing a leg, an eye, or dogs hurt so cruelly by the man,” says Laura.

Once they are recovered and thanks to the veterinary team, they are also ready to give in adoption. “There are less dogs for not having a leg or other lack”, argues the voluntary. “ In fact there are many people who choose them, and that speaks of the quality of human who adopted to provide love,” he concluded.

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