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Soprama start from today a campaign to ask the authorities to give protection to the animals that are suffering because of the overload.

In a week three horses, two of them died, to be involved in accidents occurred on the roads of the city, where animals transported load and were run over by motorized.

On the 8th of march, a horse died in the middle of the street because he could not bear the weight that was pulling, in addition to the lashings of the driver.

Yesterday another horse was hit in the radio 10 and the seventh ring, where despite being brought up, died. Two other horses were taken to the Mounted Police where they are attended and fed by veterinarians that advocate the rights of animals.

These facts have turned on the alarm of the Society for the protection of Animals and the Environment (Soprama) that starts today a campaign to raise awareness of the owners and for the national authorities, the Governorate and the municipality to enforce the laws that defend the horses.

Sandro Fernandez, Soprama Santa Cruz, lamented that the beasts of burden are transiting the conflicting streets of the city where they expose their security because it is not their environment, since they must walk on cement, tile and do not have horseshoes.

“The intention of Soprama is not to undermine people who have carts and living in them, the attempt is to ask at the various levels of government to give facilities to equip them with motocares to continue to develop your task without animals”, explained Fernández.

From today in the plaza 24 of September there will be a book to collect signatures to achieve these changes, and take the horses of the streets and to enforce the Magna Carta that guarantees the life of the animals and the municipal law 036/2015 that regulates the movement of carts in Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

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