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The Tuesday death of one of the horses that joined the troops of the trick riding night of the Criolla del Prado. In full action in the ring had suffered the Monday trauma with spinal cord compression at the cervical level, reported yesterday the Intendencia of Montevideo.

«Despite the efforts of the team veterinarian, the injury meant his death,» added the brief statement. The veterinarian of the Creole, Alvaro Modernell, said that «when the animal, which weighed 500 pounds, came out of the palenque with a lot of power, was without support and fell on the neck».

The horse died during the activities that occur after the official competition and is known by the term «flown», carried out in the categories of hair, and rough. When the sun goes down is when amateurs ride the colts with the intention of participating in creole in the future.

The communal authorities decided that the competition continue but ahead of that it should «reopen the reflection on the trick riding».

The co-ordinator for the abolition of the trick riding in Uruguay (CARU) had already done the Tuesday the complaint in the Commission of Animal Welfare (Cotryba).

It then requested the presentation of the necessary permits and answer about if on the grounds of the Rural had a veterinarian.

In the space of the form intended to include the reason for the complaint, the coordinator summed up that: «According to a witness, in the day of yesterday, April 10, 2017, while developing the final day of trick riding, close to the 20:05 hours, he would have lost the life of a horse in one of the palenques; the body of the same would have been removed from the property and a truck orange».


In the page of the CARU on Facebook, already on Tuesday there was also what happened, though, with data not confirmed officially, and based on the testimony of a worker’s own Creole who preferred to remain anonymous.

«It would have been in the palenque died of a heart attack and the animal would have been completed while was trembling in the middle of the attack.»

According to the same publication, «the dead animal was loaded in the middle of the arena by a truck orange with volcadora that had no logo visible, but that he assumed belonged to the Intendencia de Montevideo». Jonathan Vilar, a member of the coordinating committee, confirmed to The Country that had that version.

«It’s a total lie what people say of the crews as to which horses are used once a year and as much as two, when they are touring the country, and the Interior is much, much worse than in Montevideo; there are investigations that, in Lascano, Rocha, the abuse is without any control, free,» said Vilar.


Gerardo Reyes, Event manager of the Intendencia of Montevideo, declared last night at the premises of the Rural that what happened was a «whole world full of sorrow, from the tropilleros to our foreman in the field; it is not cute that an animal will pass that to the second or third day of the feast». Quickly ratified the aspiration to convene a roundtable dialogue on animal welfare includes the protection associations and define the target of the trick riding.

Reyes stressed that it was seven years ago that there was a fatal accident, when the Meadow «are 24 crews, each with 14 animals.»

The last death of a horse in trick riding met in Uruguay had been given in Fray Bentos in 2016, generating questions from the humane local.

They call for a concentration.

As it was planned for days, next Sunday, at 15:00 hours, the animal protectors and activists opposed to the trick riding is concentrated in avenida Lucas Obes, near to the campus of the Rural del Prado.

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