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The letter where is says the fact begins by expressing, «Hello, my name is Keller Karina, I live on the Antarctic Base 304 corner Santa Micaela in the Neighborhood of Chakra 4, I belong to a Protective Association of Animals that is called Welfare Animal, in my home I host many of the stray dogs that get out of the street hurt, to carry out treatment or cures, and after his recovery the post in the page for that to be adopted «.


After he says that «The day of Sunday 26 march, arriving at my home around of the 11 of the morning, I see three of the (dog) traffic dead in the courtyard of my house, which is fenced in its entirety. I proceed to call Civil defense for them to send to the guard of zoonoses and to the Police, because the situation was terrible for me.»


Later complaint that «The dogs were killed by poisoning, reported to me in zoonoses, and we’re doing everything that corresponds to the responsible. My suspicion falls upon a neighbour, who has complained in several opportunities the barking of my dogs with other neighbors but never with me. He even said that on several occasions has made allegations against me, which is a lie since in no place, I mean zoonoses, or the police, there are registry of the same».


«Today almost a week of what happened I feel really very sad because our society is becoming less tolerant. We perform a work of years with those three dogs, giving them good food, a clean place where to live, veterinary care. Medical treatment, castration, vaccination, time, dedication and a lot of love,» says the letter.


Finally expresses the text: «I Hope this is clear and we can raise the awareness of the population of what are the steps to take when there are difficulties with the dogs of the neighbors. I want to emphasize that Chini, Rambo and Daisy were street,were in a situation of abandonment and to us from Animal Welfare we provide everything for you to be happy», concludes the story.

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