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Protectionist Shelter Island Jordan complained through the social networks at the School for 40 Fernandez Gold by abandonment animal. Radish is a mixed breed dog of medium age, who sought, back in the day, shelter on the premises of the educational establishment, but what was once a home almost becomes his death bed.

The animal was attacked a week ago by a violent pack blinded by a bitch in heat. The altercation left him as a result large exposed wounds in the back and the neck. As expressed mascoteras, in the school knew of the situation and yet did nothing to prevent.

Although the dog was not theirs and did not have the responsibility of assisting the protectionist questioned to the institution by failing to give notice or make the problem visible.

“No one took him to the vet, left him alone and pulled, letting the worms eat it. No officer, no teacher, no parent had the heart to lift it and carry it to heal. More than a week suffering alone”, lamented in a posting on Facebook.

In turn, they claimed a “lack of willingness” on the part of all who attend the School 40 and that “it is not necessary to be a protector, or a lover of the animals” to help a dog that was found badly wounded, but just “have a little bit of humanity”.

The repudiation of the users of the internet made itself felt with force. Among the comments, the neighbors considered it “unfortunate” that a fact of these features happen in an educational establishment, and that “the lack of education shows in the quality of education” that is provided today.

Today Radish fight for his life and the veterinarians who are providing care are doing everything possible to save him from the terrible situation that is going through.

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Chester had better luck

When the robbers entered his home, in Fernández Oro, Chester barked to warn the neighbors and wanted to stop them to mordiscones. However, the criminals were armed and stabbed him several times. Shortly after he was found bloodied and the neighbors were commissioned not only to bring him to a vet to save the life, but made a collection of money to pay for the hospital stay, very expensive for their owners, taking into account the large number of medications and care required by his fragile state.

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