Reported assault at the home of Odarda of galgueros – APP

Viedma.- (APP) president of the CC/ARI, Cristian Llanca, reported that yesterday, in hours of the morning, the residence of the Senator Magdalena Odarda, who is touring the province, was attacked by three subjects who threatened violently to the domestic employee that works there. He blamed the governor Alberto Weretilneck, who in statements to radio encouraged the galgueros against Odarda for having been the promoter of the bill that prohibits greyhound racing.

Said Llanca on this occasion, the strangers verbally assaulted those who carry out tasks in the home and threatened to burn the vehicles and the home of the Senator.

“The complaint was made in the Commissioner no. 34 of the city of Viedma, while the Senator I ask the Minister Pérez Esteban safety measures are urgent,” he said.

He added that the worker who received the attack, is in a state of shock of the unpleasant moment lived.

He said that since the party CC ARI repudiate and be responsible directly to the governor of the province, who days ago, by means of radio, he encouraged the galgueros to “go find and attack Odarda,” for having been the promoter of the initiative that prohibits the racing of dogs in the entire country, which law governed since the end of the year 2016 and in that framework a before and an after in the recognition of the rights of animals. “We denounce the words of a representative provincial, waving to the violence against a Senator of the Nation.”

“This is not the first time that Odarda is threatened by these violent groups that seek to profit on the basis of the animal abuse. We want to make it clear that before a new attack towards physical integrity of the Senator , his family, his property, close collaborators or activists, animal protectors, are responsible directly to the governor Weretilneck, who, knowing that Odarda is already being threatened from several months ago, in time to stir up violent groups against a legitimate representative of the people, should strive for protecting them and enforcing the laws, especially a law that was voted in by an overwhelming parliamentary majority”, he concluded Llanca.

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