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The groups Pro-Action Animal and Animal to La Serena, Coquimbo posted a letter to the mayor of Coquimbo, Marcelo Pereira, denouncing the bad conditions in which the dogs of the CEAPA, mainly those who were transferred from the humane Society Julia Ramirez Urquieta.

The situation has worried since the end of last week, two dogs attacked another in a kennels, causing the death of the can, in addition to the groupings argue that there is a lack of food and a crumbling infrastructure.

The president of the Animalists to La Serena, Coquimbo, Daniela Molina, pointed out that “the dogs are not in good condition, some dogs will jump out, there have been some attacks to the inside, because dogs that are on the side (which were transferred from the precinct Julia Ramírez) do not have the same conditions (…) the condition of mind of these dogs is not the same to the dog’s side, live in a situation of abuse is horrific”.

Regarding the attitude of the municipality, Molina pointed out that “we made the call public to the mayor because he has made a deaf ear to this problem, a long time ago that is reporting this to social networks (…)everything has been getting worse, you are not doing sterilizations, no supplies, no food, no they have fixed the dependencies of the kennels and the truth that the mayor has had an attitude that you are not interested in”.

He was emphatic in asserting that the municipality of Coquimbo is not fulfilling the Law of Tenure Responsible for Pets and companion Animals, “it can’t be that in a municipality is in breach of the law in this way, it is mistreatment of animals, abuse is not just hitting the animal, is to not have the minimum conditions to have them.”

In addition, Danielle said that you’re not going to call the neighbors to support the work of animal rescue and subsequent adoption, “they have been months without attending to the calls of the people for stray animals, months without being able to do any type of operation or intervention because they do not have inputs, that still does not work, and we can’t do anything about it”, he emphasized.

Response of the Municipality

From the Municipality of Coquimbo gave their version of these charges. Patricio Reyes, City Manager of Coquimbo, remarked that “putting us in line with the new Law on Responsible ownership of Animals and Pets, and in that context, our center what it did was absorb the animals of the humane society Julia Ramirez Urquieta who was very close to where it was the kennels of ours, as those animals were in a degree of impairment very large, were in a degree of lack of power very wide of us, we made charges to try to rescue these dogs, try to recover them and also put them in adoption, we have been in this subject these issues”.

According to the information delivered are around 40 dogs are in the kennels and “an important group of these animals are the ones that were in the humane society”.

About what happened over the weekend, Reyes said that “what happened on Saturday night, three dogs, and in one of the cages began to fight and would have died one of the three dogs, these came from Julia Ramirez Urquieta and dogs are brave and come accustomed to it that way (…) it is not that they have been made so by lack of food”.

And he added that “we are facing a complex situation and is not the responsibility of ours, we assume this responsibility because there was no-one more than the assumed, (…) the municipality agreed free of charge to take charge, then we move 15 we had 40 around.”

This would be one of the reasons on the situation of the dog runs, “clearly our infrastructure is not enough compared to what that, today, we have because what we have today is not what we had usually… not if they are or are not given the conditions, but obviously that’s going to be adjustments because it is a larger amount of animals.”

Reyes emphasized that it is impractical to have a cage for an animal, “we have more dogs than we had before and that they have to share cages”. But she claimed to not have mixed in the dog population of the old world with the new, because there are some dogs that are “overly brave”.

And to take the guards for the death of this animal that died during the fight, “we’re doing a dog training with these two dogs to avoid the reoccurrence of an incident that occurred on Saturday night, we are with dog training to try to get rid of some of the rage these dogs”.

In terms of the lack of inputs and the complaint that it does not attend to the calls of neighbors, explained that “there is a sobredemanda with the issue of sterilizations, ( … ), but today we are operating, we are with the inputs working, and we want to see the possibility of establishing a special plan of work the day on Saturday if we get a few resources here and there to give extra attention and let in zero of the waiting list”.

He also said that in a moment if there was a problem with the inputs, mainly with the change of administration, “but today we have inputs and we have the feed for the animals, we have made an effort to comply with the community and in addition we now have the demand for the dogs that belonged to the humane society, so clearly we are much more sobrexigidos what was the kennels until last year, even so we are responding, we need a vet more, we have the supplies”.

About the lack of food for the canes responded that “we have the power that is the first time that the municipality purchase the power, because before he had an agreement with a company, convention is over, so that now the municipality, in the budget 2018, we will establish the permanent buy-out of food because there is no longer the convention that for years there was between a private company and the municipality.”

Finally, it referred to the lack of response from the mayor that indicated by the groupings to be animalistic, “the mayor has an agenda very complex, but we have met with groups to be animalistic, but you will understand that today, when the answers are not immediate reactions on social networks are very virulent and are more immediate than the real answers (…) the aca we are working with the theme, we are adapting the national policy”.

Public letter to the mayor

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