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The use of a powerful agrotóxico on farms is causing the death of condors in Mendoza and other parts of the country, according to reports from the Foundation Cullunche. It is of carbofuran (or carbofuran, a pesticide widely used in agriculture for pest control, but can result in severe damage to animals and humans who come in contact with this substance.

According to reports Cullunche, so far this year have died at least 32 condors in Argentina as a result of carbofuran, certainty is obtained by sampling stomach taken from the animals killed by the Secretariat of Environment and Spatial planning, after being subjected to study by the Foundation Bio Andean.

Jennifer Ibarra, owner of Foundation Cullunche, explained that the organization «comes from the last year by sending notes and making complaints for the misuse and abuse of agrochemicals in the province and has not obtained up to the time concrete answers and satisfactory». The veterinarian argued that «there is no traceability or tracking of who purchase and use pesticide».

«What is happening in Mendoza is terrible, as well as is stupefying inaction of the entities that have to take care of us», referring to the General Department of Irrigation, the Iscamen, the Ministry of Health, the Secretariat of Environment and the state-owned company Aguas Mendocinas. «We want to come together to work together,» he said.

In Cullunche argued that, in reality, the carbofuran is not only used on the cultivated fields, but also at sites in the dry. «It is the custom of some of the puesteros to spray a goat died, or a piece of meat with pesticide to combat the puma or fox, but the first floor to eat, because it is his habit, is the condor. Just the bird eats, falls dead almost on the spot», indicated.

The foundation for the protection of animals visited in the last few days several farms of Tupungato, Lavalle and San Martín, where we detected large quantities of drums of pesticide ill-prepared and thrown in the crops.

«Unfortunately we have only had a lack of answers and evasive, and in the meantime our condors and fauna in general is still dying, and our environment, and food and water will continue to pollute,» concluded Ibarra.

What is carbofuran?

Marketed with the trade names Furadan and Curater, among others, the carbofuran (also known as carbofuran) is a agrotóxico that is used in intensive culture in many countries, but is banned in the European Union (since 2008) and in Canada, while it has large restrictions in the united States, due to the large number of deaths and acute poisonings in people and animals around the world.

Category toxicological is I and contained in the technical sheet, as extremely toxic, especially to fish, birds, and bees.

It is an insecticide, carbamate, broad spectrum of pest control masticadoras and sucking, it acts by contact, ingestion and inhalation in insects, systemic movement in plants and is of residual effect long-term.

It is a compound highly toxic and only you only need a few grams for any animal to fall dead a few steps from the poisoned bait.

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