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From various associations of protective of animals claimed to the governor María Eugenia Vidal who met with the promise that he made during the election campaign of 2015, in respect of the health of the dogs and cats that live in the streets of buenos aires.

“For them (stray animals) is also going to be a province better. We will promote programs of mass sterilization, systematic, and widespread. We will work to create Veterinary Hospitals for public…”, he had told Vidal before assuming, however nearly two years that promise has not been advanced in any of the points.

In that sense, a number of organizations launched a campaign in which «we demand that the governor Vidal and the municipal governments desire to fix the problem, establishing public policies, which cover: education on Animal Rights, sterilization programs massive, systematic and widespread at the time, conversion of the centers of zoonoses in public hospitals, veterinarians, and closure of hatcheries».

The reality is that the governor and several heads communal Change, as Julio Garro of La Plata, presented with much fanfare the creation of the proposed public hospitals veterinarians develop programs of sterilization for the animals of the street, but then none of these projects materialized.

Not even took into account the opinion of entities that bring together professionals veterinarians that in some cases, such as the provincial capital, warned that it was not necessary to create a public hospital, but only to empower and equip the center of attention of the local University, but that was also not possible.

«How many thousands and thousands of dogs and cats have to continue suffering and dying in the streets for the politicians to be in charge?», they ask animal advocates in the campaign, which includes the broadcast of a video and a post from facebook in which the then-candidate promised to take care of the animals.

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