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The City Of Juarez. From some days ago that neighbors of the association Ecocanis of Assisi A. C, and with the support of the Institute for Education and Animal Defense (IEDA), will denounce abuses that are committed in this place by the owner Alicia Flowers.

Barbara Gonzalez, a member of IEDA, said that they have the evidence that will be presented to the State Attorney General’s office to conform to the folders of the investigation against Alice Flowers for theft, abuse, and usurpation of profession.

He stated that neighbors of the protective association of animals Ecocanis have gone to file complaints with the Direction of Ecology, obtaining a negative dependence on the conditions in which the animals in this shelter.

Member of IEDA Barbara Gonzalez said that the complaint will only be against Alicia Flowers which there are many abnormal situations in the hostel.

On the other hand mentioned that neighbors and IEDA don’t want to relocate the hostel, but what you want is to close the place Ecocanis to prohibit having an animal.

Alicia Flores commented that what is happening has become a political situation. He said that the media already did a tour through the hostel to see in what conditions are the animals so stressed that you are seeing as close Ecocanis.

Flowers commented that the complainants will have to check what they are reporting because there are already a lot of defamation against you and that everything that is said is false.

The activist for the rights of animals in the locality that your association already has more than 7 years in the business. Referred that is only a neighbor below who is complaining about the shelter in addition to that there are a lot of people who are willing to testify on your behalf.

“This comes with malice and with intent what they are doing. The dependencies corresponding to do your research and so are 500 people have to verify what they are saying but it is defamation”.
Made it clear to Alicia that they will act against Aprodea, IEDA and against the neighbor complainant.

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