Deny dogs to students of the UABC –

The Department of Medical Services City of 22 city Council rejected the application of the UABC for them to be delivered the canines of the municipal kennel for the students of the School of Health Sciences held practices with them.

Few days ago the Director of the School of Health Sciences, requested copies of canines on a weekly basis, arguing that they would be used for the learning of the students of medicine.

However, the head of the Department of Medical Services, Isaac David Perez Guzman, rejected this request, by virtue of the measures taken in the Centre of Attention, Canine, aimed at achieving the totality of the adoptions of the animals that enter the centre, except those in which humane slaughter is justifiable due to the nature of the case.

The spokesperson of the Civil Association “They Are The Reason”, Ana Daniela García Salgado, mentioned that the School of Health Sciences has made this request for two municipal administrations, however, have been denied due to the associations of protective of animals have expressed their dissatisfaction for the derogatory treatment that is given to the animals.

“When I was allowed to deliver dogs, we received a lot of complaints and videos where it is evident that in some cases the operating bad anesthetized and suffering a lot of pain, or after the open and suturaban simply left in the street, helpless and dying of infections”, he noted.

Garcia Salgado mentioned that currently, thanks to advances in technology, there are new systems so that students of medicine can practice without harming a living being.

“There are mannequins doctors that are specially made for study or through human bodies that, unfortunately, were not claimed, we are in favour of the development of the students because they are those who in the future will save lives but not that it is animal suffering, since there are other options,” he emphasized.

Finally, he expressed appreciation for the willingness and the open dialogue we have maintained associations with the head of the department of Medical Services, Isaac David Perez Guzman; the Director of the Center of Attention Canine, Jorge Aaron Rodriguez Gomez, and the first lady, Mirna Ibarra de Novelo, who has been on the lookout to improve the conditions in the kennel.

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