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Sunday, July 16, 10:55

Social development met with leaders of the protectors of animals

The Secretary of Social Development, Andrea Paez held a meeting with leaders of different institutions that work in the care of pets to work on joint projects that take care for this topic especially with animals in the streets that so many of the drawbacks and positions generated.

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There agreed joint actions, in reason of the order of the Mayor Facundo Prades, with the goal of implementing some of the projects included in the program Healthy cities, which is available from the Monitoring of Health Comunataria; and also, from the donation of a trade, the Secretary proceeded to the delivery of food for dogs and cats.

The meeting was attended by three protective canine Paws of Life, represented by Marina Houses, Animal Pro whose reference is Lorena Alvarez and Pigtails happy, represented by Cristina Acuña; the Secretary of Social Development reported to the referents, which the Mayor Facundo Prades arranged through the area that she represents that is made available to accompany the work they do, and in this way concretize any project proposed in the national programme «Healthy Municipalities» worked from the area of Community Health.

About it the Secretary said that the situation of the dogs especially in the street is concerned, and much to all the management, «I commend the work that these protectors are doing, beyond that we know that we need to develop other actions, although the Municipality with the area of castration and vaccination long ago to prevent the proliferation» and said: «in this it is also important to the responsibility of the neighbors.»

Finally, we proceeded to the handed over of a donation from a local trade of food for dogs and cats, which were received very gladly and with destination to all the animals in the streets.

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