From 51 years ago does not present a case of rabies in humans … – (press Release) (blog)

Encouraging the care of the pets, the State Administration, headed by the State Governor, Francisco “Kiko” Vega de Lamadrid, ripped the actions of the National Week of Strengthening of rabies vaccination.

One of the main goal is to continue no cases of rabies in the state, as was announced by the Director of Health Services, ISESALUD, Dr. Elba Cornejo Arminio, who pointed out that the Secretary of Health of B. C., Dr. Guillermo Trejo Dozal, has requested that closer services to the community.

During the week of the 24th to the 29th of September and where is inmunizaran to 108 thousand 386 pets around the state, to continue to preserve the institution free of rabies, where it has not been presented a case in humans from 51 years ago.

He stressed that thanks to the collaboration and participation of the Institute in Veterinary Sciences of the UABC, IMSS-Opportunities, College of Medical, Veterinary, Technical Schools, Agricultural, Centers-of-Canine Control, Municipal Associations of Protective Animals, Volunteers, as well as staff of the Centres for Observation, Veterinary and Health Centres themselves, we have accomplished our previous goals, and it is hoped that this campaign has the same result.

Indicated that vaccinated dogs from three months of age and those who were not immunized in the last campaign, where it will be given to the owner of the pet, proof of immunization and identification plate of the pet which will carry on his collar.

Noted that installed positions of vaccination in strategic places where the population is easily identifiable as parks, shops, markets, veterinary clinics, grain stores, in the major Health Centres of the state and in the Centres of Observation of the Veterinarians of the state, Centers of canine Control City, as well as inmunizaran in the colonies in the peripheral of the cities of Mexicali, Tijuana, Tecate, Rosarito, Ensenada and south of Ensenada.

The official urged the public that if a person is attacked by a dog, cat, bat, or small carnivores (skunk, fox, raccoon, coyote, etc); please do not hesitate to attend immediately to the nearest Health Centre to your home for prompt medical attention.

Cornejo Arminio emphasized both the biological and the proof is FREE of charge, to request information, please dial in to the phones of the Center anti-rabies in Mexicali (686) 552 – 40 – 72 in Tijuana (664) 978 – 85 84 and Ensenada at (646) 177 – 66 – 06.


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