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In the midst of protests of associations of protective animals, the plenary of the Congress of Veracruz approved the legalization of cockfighting and vaquilladas in the entity.

The reform to the Law of Animal Protection, proposed by the National Action Party (PAN), caused the division of opinions, some held between shouts of “Yes we could!”, while others disagree, and shouted slogans against those who approved the initiative.

With 25 votes in favour and 15 against, the deputies approved the conducting of shows, bullfighting, and capes of bulls, steers and heifers on all the territory of veracruz. Including the casteo bird of combat, sites jackets, horse racing, activities related to the sport of rodeo, rodeos, Farms, Hunting, and Units of Environmental Management (UMAS).

The legislators of the PAN and Together for Veracruz considered that it is not approved, the initiative would be lost almost 500 thousand direct and indirect jobs that are generated by activities such as cockfighting.

The deputy pan, Rodrigo García Escalante, accused those who are opposed, by “ignorance” on the issue, as he argued that the state can not allow to lose jobs when faced with an economic crisis.

Carcía Escalante explained that in Mexico there are three million fights per year, and in the state, 100 thousand per season, because Veracruz is the main producer of birds fighting in the country and currently has an approximate of 200 thousand gallos de pelea.

Also, the legislator questioned who are against cock fights, how it could replace the jobs generated by these activities.

“I want to ask those who are against cockfighting, but in favor of women go to abort and kill children, how they could be replaced so much revenue that the gallística generates,” he emphasized.

The deputy Basil Picazo Pérez de Together for Veracruz insisted that “in the animal shows such as cockfighting and bullfighting there is no violence”, but they generate jobs for people of the third age.

‘You will not see violence in the palenques. It gives service through jobs; there are 500 thousand direct and indirect jobs derived from cockfighting. There are 5 million roosters fight and 500 thousand in other modalities”, he said.

He stressed that the industry of the razor-reports sales of 250 thousand units per year, which questioned the deputies opponents if they would agree to leave these people jobless.

However, deputies opponents recalled that at the last Legislature passed an initiative to ban cockfighting and vaquilladas, and that “it is incongruous to modify the measurement.”

To make use of the voice, the deputy of the Green Party, Manuel Martínez Martínez, said that this approval be poured down the historic achievements that put the state in levels of avant-garde in the protection of animals.

“It is a setback that offends not only the society, but to the deputies who managed agreements to move towards a society more advanced, that does not endorsed the violence against animals,” he said.

The persons present have lashed out against Martinez when he said that the leading persons do not belong to Veracruz acts that are called wild, and are presented as traditions.

Mp-pri, Regina Vázquez Saut, pointed out that his party does not endorse or violent activities that may generate or increase the violence in the state, and condemned those who have not heard the “voice of the sovereign” that demand protection to the animals.

He said that shows like the vaquilladas, cockfighting, and bullfighting are not traditions but rather violent acts that must not be allowed and reminded the mps that laws should not respond to the hobbies of those who practice them.

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