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BUENOS AIRES (Writing) – volunteer and dog, then the canine corps K9 found a bracelet and a arito of Araceli Fulles in Villa Ballester, found more belongings of the 22-year old man missing for 17 days in San Martin. The search is desperate and intensifies with the passing of the hours.

The Secretariat of Security of the Municipality of San Martín reported that they found a wallet and a bag of Araceli Fulles, the young man who has gone missing. Inside was a written, «Said The Brunette, stamina River. Ema I love you,» revealed his brother Marcelo. «Ema was a boyfriend that she had. The portfolio appeared in a place where I walked her. Since the only thing we expect is that appear.»

The objects were found by the Body Canine «K9» dependent of the Association of Volunteer Firefighters of Punta Alta, Bahia Blanca) in the quarter July 9, and were recognized by the family.

The Municipality of the partido of buenos aires, San Martin issued a press release in which it informs the operating search for on Tuesday: «the meeting point to start the rakes will be the CeMEF (Jose Leon Suarez), starting at 9.30».

Employees in different areas of the municipality of San Martín continue raking different areas of the district, together with a group of more than 300 volunteers to give with the whereabouts of Araceli, who was last seen on the 1st of April last.

«We’re going to look at 3.200 blocks of San Martín, working day-to-day to find Araceli. Continue to communicate with all the possible tools the search for his whereabouts,” he said.

It was reported that the Municipality managed the incorporation of the Canine Corps ‘K9‘, dependent on the Association of Volunteer Firefighters of Punta Alta (White Bay), specialized in the search of missing persons.

The commune indicated that any information on Araceli you should contact 911, or directly with a family at 15 3673-8118. There is a reward of 500 thousand pesos for those who provide data to track your whereabouts.

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