Eighteen wounded left corralejas de Sincé,Sucre – Caracol Radio

The four evenings of corraleja played up to today in Sincé, Sucre, have not only brought fun to the fans of the fiesta brava , but have also left pain in several families.

Eighteen people between fans and manteros (bullfighters creoles) have been cared for by doctors at the makeshift stalls on the outskirts of the square.

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On the afternoon of Sunday, there were three wounded, including two gored by the bulls.

But not only the fans have been injured in these popular festivities, the animals have taken the brunt.

Four horses have died as a result of the injuries caused by the bulls, while another eight have been injured.

According to Muffith Salaiman, president of the Association for the protection of Animals, had warned the mayor’s office of Sincé and organizers of the festivals, on the need to take measures to protect the animals.

«We will ask the Attorney general to investigate these facts, we agree with the abolition of this kind of festivities,» he said.

The corralejas de Sincé, after the disappearance of the of Sincelejo, are the largest that are made in Sucre.

The policies of the parties, in dialogue with Caracol Radio, said that next Wednesday, September 20, when completed, it will issue a press release with the balance of the festivities.

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