Died Beatrice Alban, a pioneer of the activism animal in Ecuador – Telegraph

He shared his home with dozens of cats, which he rescued from the street and adopted, and which formed a huge and happy family. This love for animals was one of the characteristic traits of the engineer Beatriz Alban Roche, president of the Foundation for the protection of Animals (FPA). The activist died between Thursday night and early Friday in Guayaquil.

The news came in the morning and it caused an uproar among those who are dedicated to the protection of urban wildlife, since she was one of the pioneers of the movement animal rights in the country.

He suffered from cancer, and his health was delicate. In spite of this, kept his character strong and his desire to fight for the animals. However, about 3 months, he suffered a traffic accident that aggravated his condition.

In his home, located in the center of the city, she started in 2010 a campaign of sterilization of pets to low-cost. This endeavor was strengthened with the years and became a benchmark in the world of animal rights. Currently she received the Tuesday and Sunday hundreds of people who came to run their dogs and cats. It was as well as treated thousands of animals in these 7 years, in a activity that never stop, not even on holidays.

Mónica Chonillo, of the foundation of the Ethical Treatment of animals (TEA), regretted the death. “The activism has lost a woman front and a fighter, a leader, something that is not in the new generations. Beatriz had no commitments or hairs in the tongue and called for the rights of animals at all levels, always well planted and secure”, said THE TELEGRAPH.

According to the activist, “his work surpassed all, because when you sterilize thousands of animals since 2010, attacked the root of evil, the origin of the overpopulation of unwanted animals and all the consequences of His work was the best-focused and more effective, without a doubt, at the national level”.

Beatriz Alban led a number of causes, like the fight against dog fighting in Guayaquil, led sit-ins against the bullfights and the networks of vendeperros that had been converted to Urdesa in your operations center. These last were finally eradicated from this area in the north of the city.

He was the owner of a quick temper, which he acquired in his many years of fighting for the rights of animals. In social networks there are many manifestations of sorrow for his demise. The visitation will be on Saturday, march 4, in the Hall of Vigils of the Board of Charities and his funeral will be on Sunday 5 march at the General Cemetery.

A story of love cats

In an interview with the daily PP, The Real in 2012, Beatriz Alban acknowledged that his love for the cats discovered “a little late”. When I was 30 years old and the death of his father he decided to take contact with your first pet, a dog, with which he was never able to socialize pleasant moments since she came from a family of asthmatics.

The care of the parents were extreme. “Only saw a few birds and fish that my father took care of her. The dogs were always in the yard and I could neither play by the asthma from which he suffered,” he said.

Your first encounter with a cat was at a minimarket that you had with a friend. “There came ‘Mocho’, a cat who was living under a car and one day, when he was fired in the vehicle, lost part of his tail”.

‘Mocho’ arrived at the business where more of the cans of tuna that we offered him also stole the heart of this woman. “My ‘Mochito’ he was with me 14 years and died of old man,” said Alban, who from that time conceived of creating a foundation to help the animals unprotected, by setting your goal in the rescue of feral cats and abandoned by their owners. (I)

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