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The picture has several comments on the profile of Facebook. The man poses proudly with the beret of gaucho and exhibits to your bird preferred with the prize that you just earn. The animal evidence the marks of having fought a battle. The cages decorate the stage. “What a great Gustavo. Well deserved that trophy. I congratulate you. A quarrel very good”, wrote one of his friends. “I congratulate you cousin. I’d be happy grandfather if you saw it,” said another.

Gustavo Fabián Sánchez (41) was in the crosshairs of Justice on Monday morning, when troops of the Division of robberies and Thefts of Investigations and the Federal Police, who have been working in conjunction with various procedures in the west of Godoy Cruz, they came to a house in the neighborhood setting of the Sun, located to the west of The Estanzuela, and gave a significant number of animals of dubious origin.

Most were songbirds of the native fauna enclosed in a cage-trappers and cocks fight. They also found an armadillo locked up.

But, what caught attention is that he had set up three rings for fights of the birds of greater size. For the detectives, they were in front of a scene of illegal gambling with “persons” as protagonists.

As reported by The Sun earlier in the week, the manager of the property was arrested. Before the effective said that it had nothing to do with quarrels at home or with small birds. Assured that he had inherited from his grandfather and that he is only engaged to give them to eat to not die. However, for the police, said to extricate themselves from the cause at any cost.

In the last few hours, after that regain the freedom, it transpired that got compromised when you added new evidence against her. And, for that, they analyzed their profile of Facebook. In the social network, Sanchez published photos with the colorful roosters and trophies you would have gotten by-product of the fighting, the sources said.

The photos of the procedure that made the troops in the west of Godoy Cruz.

A simple analysis of the friends of Sanchez in the profile confirmed the suspicions of researchers: the majority are lovers of hunting, fishing and cock-fighting. It is believed that they are part of a network of gamblers illegal, they come together from time to time in different locations.

Basically, the activity consists in organizing the battles –some may be to death– in some sectors little controlled to generate the bets. The ave winner gets the trophy or the money. In Mendoza, the activity is prohibited.

Due to this, the fiscal Instruction of Godoy Cruz, Lauro Monticone, who charged for the illegal possession of a 22-caliber rifle with a telescopic sight, was going to make a contest for that a couple of Corrections to investigate whether the man was engaged to organize fights in their home. In addition, you could be accused for animal abuse.

Aware of the situation, the lawyer for the humane Association Reunion for the Animal Life (Asoreva), Oscar Mellado, had the intention to stand as plaintiff in the cause to provide evidence, because you understand that you are facing a case of abuse.

What is certain is that the procedure carried out on Monday morning generated a strong impact in the areas of police and judicial, more because it encountered animals that would be abused and developed prohibited activities.

In the home, Sanchez had 13 roosters and 8 other small birds, such as beak of gold, seven knives, diuca and two magpies paraguayan. Also had trappers, so they suspect that he was engaged in the poaching of these animals. In the interior of the property found the rifle 22 with look.

The man had four cars and also a box rolling stock with air conditioning, which used to take a vacation. “It was the high life but was hung from the light, and living on land tax”, ended the source.

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