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February 20, 2017 07:03 PM

Darby Boulton, a single authority of the humane Society, said in this city that they discovered sites of clandestine slaughtering an animal without a health control.

“We were in Rubio, San Antonio, Capacho, and Ureña and many slaughterhouses illegal. People say, ‘I’m going to buy this meat here that I get most economical’ and not realize that animals do not have a vaccine. We have managed to slaughter of dogs, of horses,” said Boulton, who pointed out that in the next few days give detailed information on this finding.

“We’ve gotten the meat of dog they were selling in the streets of San Antonio as meat for esmechar, horse meat for the famous sausage beer that is being sold most of all on the part of the border,” said the official, who added that they were closed three establishments while one person was arrested.

Revealed that are made operational oversight because of outbreaks of salmonella and brucellosis, which have been registered in the state.

“Be careful with the consumption of milk that you can buy on the street because it does not pass through a process,” said Boulton, who recalled that have gone down the offices and administration of vaccines for animal use. They also indicated that they arrived in the country to 150,000 doses that will be delivered to the small producers, especially of chickens and pigs.

Although he gave no figures acknowledged that the hospitals have reached many people with conditions of the stomach and vomiting, and presume that by the intake of foods that do not meet the conditions for the human consumption.

Boulton said that people who transport animals in the border are asked to arrange the guide for mobilization and vaccination and noted that it was assessing the area where it has enabled the customs or points of control animals. He also said that in Táchira were assigned to patrol cars and motorcycles to comply with duties of animal protection.

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