Shooting in pro of the planet – The Sun of Cuernavaca (press Release)

You’ll be able to enjoy the exhibition Fabiola Lopez, State Park Canyon de Chapultepec

Fabiola López inaugurated his photographic exhibition of My shots in pro of the planet, in the State Park Canyon de Chapultepec; joint his three greatest passions: nature, photography and travel.

“It is to make people reflect on be very careful with our flora and fauna, especially now there are so many problems natural. I want people to know more to fund any animal, because sometimes we ignore them, and with my photographs, to observe carefully some details, such as its color and beauty,” said Fabiola Lopez.

The exhibition is comprised of 39 amazing pictures of nature taken in Egypt, Kenya, Rwanda, and Mexico.


“We should all care for our animals. I have had the good fortune to be in 43 countries, but since very little I wanted to travel to Africa: as a continent is exceptional, as always longed for to have an approach with its nature”.

From very small began his fascination with photography and animals, but it was not until the 18 years he went abroad and began this adventure.

“Last year I visited in Rwanda the association Volcano. The film Gorillas in the mist, tells the story of a girl who was devoted body and soul to defend the gorillas, until killed by the poachers; I had the opportunity to visit his grave and see the animals she was studying. It was an amazing experience: to have a monkey stuck to my back and feel his heat, his hair; see her look… not change it for anything,” he said.

The photographer has been engaged with various associations that protect animals on a global level; he is currently a godmother of two elephants in Kenya, and a panda bear in China. Also fighting for a wild orangutans in Borneo.

“Donaré the money raised by the photographs sold in my exhibition to association protective of animals. I invite people to consciousness, and if we boast to say that we are the only species to be rational, we should conserve our planet, because it is a very important part in the life,” he added.

The exhibition will be displayed until the 24 next hours of 10:00 to 18:00 hours.

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