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The death of a horse this week in la Criolla del Prado reopened the discussion on trick riding. The Intendencia of Montevideo resolved to continue the activities, but called for a public reflection on the topic.

To speak on this topic, we receive in studies to Rita Rodriguez, spokesperson of the Coordinating committee for the Abolition of the trick riding in Uruguay. In addition, from the mobile, we spoke with Emilio “Crown” Errázquin, one of the riders, most winners of recent times.

Rita Rodriguez

The coordinator is operating from a year ago. From 2016 we start to take these measures. We seek to stop funding of the trick riding entertainment with public funds.

Unfortunately, there was not much response to our request for the debate until that happened, the unfortunate fact. Three witnesses agree that the horse would have died on Monday and in the arena, from a heavy blow that had, in the wake of a pony that was made in the overnight hours.

There was a human around an animal that was tied up and being beaten. That kind of domain that it aims to have on the horse… that is what we intend to say that is not normal.

The horse does not suffer it is impossible to maintain: the hitting someone may not be supported and may not be enjoyable as a society. When I say someone, I make a differentiation between something that is an inanimate object and a living being that can feel pain and pleasure. In that sense, an animal is a someone.

We regret that it has not been opened the instance of the dialog before the death of the horse. It is said that it is not something that happens very often, that is something normal or tends to happen in this type of activities. We would be interested to know what is the reason for the City to continue this week without calling a dialog.

Emilio “Crown” Errázquin

The horse of criolla must be one of the horses that least suffers, perhaps because the horse is of riding on a stay is year-round on fulfilling the eight hours that meets the peasant to collect his salary.

The horse of criolla receives care: comes here and then is not going to another party. Eat your best piece. All tropillero want to get to the Prado: when it comes here, after not again to go to another party.

In Maroñas, a horse is locked up between four walls, as they say… is in prison. You have several seconds in which you are stuck with a riding crop.

What happens with the carts who walk in Montevideo? I don’t have nothing against them, but you see horses re-burned in the chest: the condition of this horse do what I can compare with a horse of criolla.

What happened with the death of the horse was a fatality. The horse came out too bad: he falls and hits his head on the ground. But the horse did not die there. I was one of those who went out in the truck with the horse: she died the other day.

I recall because I was a rider touched by a magic wand: I was lucky enough to win several awards good. All I got was thanks to the creole. I came out five years champion. My career is now fulfilled.

Rita Rodriguez

When he started the mobile, he said that the horse does not suffer as much, which is not the same as saying that the horse does not suffer.

We are aware of the abuse that exists to animals in other activities, like a cart horse.

In what more we insist that this is a show that can’t go well. We must rethink what are the fields that we work.

The reflection is very important and the debate also. The creole involves many more things than the trick riding. We are in favour of the Criolla del Prado to continue, but without the show: change does not imply an eradication of that link field-city.

We are associating to the field man to this tradition of abuse and violence, when we know that the man really has a deep bond with the animals. The union field-city has to be real.

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