Dog ‘blue’ did not die by torture; injury, fall: PGJE – Excélsior


Ldog called ‘doll’ and well-known in social networks as ‘blue’ was not tortured nor was injured with an ice pick, informed the Procuraduría General de Justicia del estado (PGJE) of Michoacán.

According to the results of the necropsy, “it was determined that the cause of death was generalized visceral congestion by absorption through the skin and by swallowing”.

After the demands of punishment in social networks and to point out an alleged culprit of the cause of the death of the animal, the unit delved further into the incident and “asked for a histopathological study to confirm the presence and type of substance that caused the intoxication”.

In it denounced the aggression and was established as part of a request to ‘doll’ “not in conformity with bath in paint, made to swallow the enamel and solvents, in addition, was stabbed to death with an ice pick and aventada to a reservoir”.

The PGJE said in a press release, we analyzed the wounds that presented with the specimen in the region dorso-cervical, “determined that one is very old, even had a crust, but by the washing and shaving the did see a recent one, and the other is superficial and could have been caused by an animal passing through some wiring”.

What then, what happened?

A woman, a teacher by profession, “he said that last Sunday morning he found the dog in the water tank of your house”, located in calle Genoa Quintana Roo colonia Leona Vicario, in Morelia, without knowing who was its owner.

He mentioned that the cistern was uncovered, under which was newly painted with sky blue color”, a version that was checked in the inspection performed on the property.

The teacher requested the support of a neighbor in order to get to the puppy, “which was infused with the oil-based paint that was used in the dungeon”, once that was taken out, the animal ran into the street and lost sight of it.

Later, ‘doll’, was found by another resident of the area, who came to her aid and made it public on social networks with the aim of locating the owners, to be contacted subsequently by an association for the protection of animals recommended to move the dog to a veterinary for your attention.”

The owner of the dog presented to the veterinary, where it was informed of the critical state of the specimen, so that the day on Monday asked the dealer to let him take the puppy to your home and that same night, after being contacted by this institution, he went to the Regional Prosecutor’s office to report the facts.

Be warned that the PGJE continue with the enquiry, under the premise that any act of possible animal cruelty to be investigated and punished according to the laws in force and in that sense invites the citizenship to have knowledge about the commission of a fact of this nature, to report and proceed according to law.

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