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In India it became viral with the news about the rottweiler that killed its owner when I fit his jaw around the neck of the victim up to take him to the death after chewing part of the body for one hour; the authorities captured the dog after which he escaped.

According to witnesses, the farmer Mani Ram bought the rottweiler «Tiger» to take care of your home but in early may, the man came to dismissed and it went crazy and started to harass the farmer in a violent way; a Tiger killed its owner when nail its teeth in his neck, and suffocated until that Mani lost his life. For more than an hour, several inhabitants saw a dog chewing on parts of the face, chest and hands of Mani Ram.

Elements of the Police arrived at the courtyard of the farm at Pânîpat, Haryana where they found the body of Mani Ram and his side guard was Tiger, when the Police attempt to remove the corpse of the place, the dog fled due to that the villagers, what did they pen with sticks and rocks.

After being removed the corpse of Ram, the authorities took them about 4 hours to find and capture a Tiger, who by the orders of the superintendent of the Police, Jagdeep Duhan was taken into custody and mentioned, «no one wanted to approach the dog for aggressive behavior”; by means of the press reported that the owner of Tiger, that they were three years old, commented that he was going to deliver the dog for his violent behavior before the humane Nai Pahal Welfare Society.

«Tiger was very violent and was not safe to keep it with human beings,” said the vice-president of the society Meghna Kapoor.

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