Dog macheteado by neighbor returns with his family –

Brenda Morelos integral Project Cel reported that yesterday in the afternoon, they returned to the dog chichuahua that was macheteado in the ejido of San Antonio de los Bravos to their owners.

After a week of surgeries and healings, where he lost his left eye and he placed a plate with fibrin in the skull, to which this closing little by little and do not exhibit more brain tissue, «Pigtails» came to his home, hoping to recover and not to be subjected to violence and animal cruelty by neighbors.

In ten days he removed the points, in addition to the neutered, Project CEL will saved the life of the dog, it is innovated with a surgery in which he attended and directed the maxillofacial, explained Dayel Rosales Diaz.

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Mayra Alejandra calls for justice, that it reaches where it has to go, he asked people to respect the animals, «does not give them any right to mistreat animals, whether or not they have an owner, it is a life. Animal cruelty should not exist in Coahuila, and ask the politicians to do something about it, punishment to the perpetrators».

He placed a plate to close the skull that contained fibrin to stimulate the growth of bone, the prua plate would cost around 5 thousand pesos, more surgery, however to the family of ‘Pigtails’ was free, because it is a family of scarce resources.

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«We are asking the authorities to do their work, since we do not expect that you comply with the laws, the holder of a Dog Control appeared 4 or 5 days after the incident to see Pigtails, with the size of the wounds and injuries the dog would not have survived if I waited for that help. We hope that Fernando Morales does not turn off his cell phone and be on vacation, or close the facilities.»

‘Pigtails’ was handed over to Mayra Alejandra Barbosa Pérez, the dog was happy to see his family again, especially was glad to see the grandfather, the owner warns that it is his father who has more love for the whole family.

‘Pigtails’ I jumped of emotion, he cried, wagging his tail, asking him to shoulder and once in the arms of his beloved grandfather, growled at anyone who dared to interrupt the moment of happiness with him.

«I was really concerned about the dog, commanded him all the days messages to the lady Brenda, to ask him how he was, how he would respond to drugs or surgery.»

«The holder of a Dog Control appeared 4 or 5 days after the incident to see Pigtails».

To the question if you filed the complaint of animal cruelty, as ‘Pigtails’ was attacked by a neighbor’s place to death, the lady said that there had not been time to go file the complaint, it was only in the complaint by the media.

«The day of the aggression, I spoke directly to 911 asking for help to the patrol, however, did not come in time, first came the tv, they».

«Many days after the assault, came the personal Control Canine wanted to know why the dog was being attended to in Gomez Palacio, if the incident occurred in Torreon. I explain that the day that the events occurred, spoke to Control Canine without answers, as it was weekend and holiday period, Draft Cel were the only ones who heeded our call for help.»

«I greatly appreciate to Project Cel the support and the medical care provided to Pigtails, if they had not intervened, we would speak of a corpse and not a dog in recovery.»


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